At Airbnb, a  was recently born: Experiences! If you are a motivated host who wants to make your travelers experience unforgettable events or make them practice more or less prolonged activities, do not hesitate to launch your own Airbnb Experience! Following a successful test period in Paris and Provence, Airbnb decides to spread these Experiences to the four corners of the country.


an additional source of income

To offer an Experience on Airbnb, you don’t have to rent out your home. But in any case, offering an Airbnb Experience will allow you to increase your income.

If you also have one (or more) accommodation(s) for rent on the platform, the Airbnb Experience will allow you to improve your ratings and therefore your reputation on the platform, thus allowing you to better fill your booking calendar.

Benefits of becoming a host

of Airbnb Experiences

Have a good time, share your passion, meet travelers from all over the world, discover other cultures… Offering an Experience is above all an enriching human adventure.

With the Airbnb plateform, nothing more simple. You can choose the time slots on which you are available, and for more serenity you are covered by the insurance of the platform.


does it works ?

To start using Airbnb Experiences, you must register  here. You will then be able to discover the criteria for your experience to be eligible. Then, you can post your Experience, with a precise description and photos. Your Experience will be submitted to Airbnb for validation.

Airbnb will take a 20% commission on the revenues of your Experiences. Nevertheless, it remains a profitable activity because you can welcome many more travelers than by renting a house.

The conditions required to keep

his Airbnb Experiences host title

Hosts must also meet certain stringent feedback requirements. Airbnb follows up on a case-by-case basis if a guest leaves a bad review. For example, the average rating must be higher than 4.7/5. As a result, hosts may have to work even harder to maintain their excellent ratings and presence in Airbnb Experiences.