You see it more and more often in your search for accommodation. But what is eco-friendly accommodation?

1. What is eco-friendly accommodation?

It’s an establishment that meets criteria guaranteeing respect for the environment, most of which are certified.

We can therefore find :

  • Unusual accommodation (cabins, trailers, etc.)
  • Ecolodge orecogîte
  • Youthhostel
  • The campsite
  • The vacation village
  • The one- to five-starhotel

These accommodations are conceived, designed, built and operated in accordance with responsible environmental and social principles.

Ideally, they use renewable energies and promote sustainable development and waste reduction.

2. Search labels

If you want to stay in eco-friendly accommodation, look out for the following labels:

  • La clef verte: with 603 certified establishments in France and over 2,700 establishments in 56 countries, this is the leading international environmental label for tourist accommodation and catering.
  • Eco gîte: a label designed by
    Gites de France
    . These are accommodations designed or restored using techniques or materials recognized as having a low impact on the environment.
  • Eco-label

  • Panda cottages :
    houses built in the heart of a protected area which the
    label under certain conditions.

And remember, the eco responsible approach works both ways. So remember to sort your waste, consume locally and reduce your water and energy consumption during your stay!

So how about a green vacation?