You have an apartment that you don’t occupy all year round (if at all) and you would like to make it profitable. Good idea! But where to start? What are the best platforms to put my house up for sale and make the most of it?

Many platforms exist to rent your home. But there are criteria to analyze to choose them: the price (commission, subscription…), the security (secure payment, insurance), the notoriety of the platform…

StyQR has therefore concocted a selection of the best platforms to offer your property for seasonal rental.


a must-have

AirBnB is certainly the most famous platform for renting accommodation between individuals. If you choose to post your ads there, you will have great chances to succeed in renting your property if it is attractive and at the right price.

In addition to being the most popular, this platform is also one of the cheapest: AirBnb charges a commission of only 3% (called “service fee”) to the owner when renting.

AirBnb offers great flexibility, with the possibility of renting a private or shared room, or even the entire accommodation.

The ergonomics of the site makes it very pleasant to use, the navigation is simple and intuitive. Putting an ad online is very fast, a child’s play!

Last but not least, AirBnB is a secure platform, since the payment is secured, and the platform includes an insurance for the accommodation and for the travelers, up to 800 000€ each.

Homeaway Abritel

its alternative

Abritel Homeaway,a platform also designed across the Atlantic, is the main competitor of AirBnB.
The site also has a very nice ergonomics which makes the navigation simple and fluid.

The pricing policy differs from that of AirBnB, offering two formulas:
– A commission rate of 8% (HT) on each rental
– Or an annual subscription of 249€.

Attention, the platform only allows to rent “whole” houses, it is not possible to propose rooms to rent. Abritel does not offer insurance coverage to owners and tenants either.


the tourism giant

Booking is one of the most renowned travel sites in the world. Some 1,550,000 nights are booked every day on this platform, which makes it an undeniable asset in terms of traffic.

However, the site is better known (and more suitable) for the business of hotels and other accommodation professionals. The commissions charged are high compared to AirBnB or Abritel: 12 to 15%. Finally, the ergonomics of the site makes it sometimes complex to understand.

Guest to Guest

a desire to travel ?

Are you interested in a home exchange? This is what we offer Guest to Guest,the world’s first home exchange network.

This system allows you to go on vacation at a lower cost and live a rewarding experience!

The main advantage is flexibility. You can keep your “Guest Points” earned from renting out your home to go away at another time of the year if you wish. Guest to Guest also offers optional insurance, so you can exchange your home without any worries, for both the host and the guest.

Our advices

These different platforms all have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to have a very high occupancy rate of your accommodation, do not hesitate to cumulate different rental platforms, but this requires a certain organization to avoid getting tangled up between the different rental dates.

Finally, to welcome your guests in the best conditions, StyQR allows you to create a free digital welcome booklet that centralizes all the useful information about your accommodation (wifi, digicodes, useful numbers, your instructions for the accommodation, good addresses nearby…). Your customers can easily access your welcome booklet by scanning a dedicated QR code with their smartphone. This QR code is shaped to fit perfectly in your environment, for example in the form of a photo frame.

Create your booklet