Who hasn’t dreamed of sipping a glass of champagne in a private Jacuzzi? It’s a luxury that many would like to indulge in, even if only for a night.

Having a Jacuzzi in your hotel can add real value. Why?
For your customers, it’s a striking argument that could trigger an immediate ” coup de coeur “. For you, it’s a way of standing out from the competition and better filling your booking schedule. So, is it worthwhile for a hotel to invest in a private Jacuzzi for its rooms?

A jacuzzi

how much does it cost ?

How much does a Jacuzzi cost? It all depends on what you choose. There are several ranges of jacuzzis with different options (jets, lights, number of places…) Here are their average prices:

  • Above-ground: 10,000 euros
  • Recessed: €13,500

Installation costs vary according to model, location andaccessibility. As a result, prices can easily climb from 900 euros to 2,700 euros. Please note: it’s essential to check that the floor is solid! Otherwise you’ll need to pour a concrete slab (allow 100 euros/m²). Ask your dealer for more information. He’ll also be able to advise you on theright maintenance to keep your jacuzzi running (cleaning, changing filters, etc.), or tell you about your water and electricity consumption.

You can also opt for the less expensive alternative of a Jacuzzi bath. Prices range from €1,000 to €3,000. It’s more affordable in terms of price (it’s mainly intended for home installation), but you’ll still lose a little prestige.

How to make the investment

profitable ?

Having one (or more) Jacuzzi(s) in your hotel is an investment, but one that can prove highly profitable. Offering a private Jacuzzi in a room will enable you toincrease the room’s nightly rate. Your customers will be willing to pay more for the comfort and luxury of this room. They’ll certainly need to plan ahead, as his booking schedule is sure to be full.

Rooms with Jacuzzis are highly sought-after. On the web, numerous articles list hotels with this equipment. Platforms like Staycation can also help you showcase this exceptional asset!

An asset for your

hotel's image

The jacuzzi is therefore a highly sought-after piece of luxury equipment, appealing to couples looking for a romantic, intimate setting (see our article “Targeting and attracting your clientele“). Your guests will be able to promote your hotel and its special rooms, for example by posting photos on social networks.

You can also promote your room with Jacuzzi on your hotel’ s website or on various reservation sites. This will enable you to enhanceyour hotel’s image and stand out from the competition.

Investing in a Jacuzzi can be well worth the effort (and the cost!), as it will not onlyenhance your hotel’sstanding and ensure a high occupancy rate for the room in question, but will also enhance your image in the eyes of potential guests.

Finally, to convey your hotel’sidentity as effectively as possible, we advise you to create your hotel’s website, an essential element in today’s world.

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