In a few words, what is Guest & Strategy?

Since March 2010,
Guest & Strategy
is one of the first agencies to specialize in assisting project owners and owners of chambres d’hôtes and meublés de tourisme. ?

Yes, they support these ambitious entrepreneurs, regardless of their status as defined by the Tourism Code. Whether they are classified as meublés de tourisme, hotels, campsites, bed and breakfasts, youth hostels or tourist residences.

Their expertise

Project feasibility study

This expertise is there to help you develop the DNA of your tourism project.
This support will help you anticipate the birth and development of your business on every level ?: positioning, legal status, financial investment, business forecast, competition, marketing and sales strategy with, of course, back-planning.

And there you have it, thanks to all this, it becomes the real guide to creation, the roadbook!
Follow it carefully to maximise your chances of success! ?

Training courses

With Guest & Strategy, you’ll have the chance to follow one-to-one training courses in direct interaction with the trainer. Not bad, eh? ?

In addition to individual training, Guest & Strategy offers 100% distance and online training with their new Guest Learning tool, available soon!

This will allow you to become more professional in areas such as web marketing, website design, customer experience, feasibility studies and pricing strategies. ?


Once the project’s feasibility has been validated, it’s time to create your brand image!
Don’t worry, the Guest & Strategy team are more than used to supporting entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, listening to you of course, and above all, by your side ?

Whether it’s a website or business cards, Guest & Strategy takes care of it !


Now that you’ve validated the feasibility of your project, it’s time to get started! ?
No stress, Guest & Strategy doesn’t leave you totally in the lurch, ? the team supports you in managing and coordinating your project in the “pre-opening” phase.

A double target

Tourism professionals

Guest & Strategy assists tourism socio-professionals in the various phases of setting up or managing their business. ?

Internal institutional players

To guide and advise the internal institutional actors in the evolution of their relationship with these socio-professionals, by proposing new service offers adapted to their needs. ?