There are several types of travelers. Those who go on vacation to relax and activate the farniente mode from the very first minutes. And those who want to do it all, see it all and discover it all. You need to provide them with all the information they need based on their interests. Whether it’s relaxing places for some or physical and cultural activities for others.

1. On the rental ad

When you write your rental ad, it’s in your best interest to make it as attractive as possible, while sticking to the truth. Once you’ve described your home and its facilities, don’t hesitate to take time to describe the strengths of the surrounding area.

If you’re not sure how to get started, think about what you want and need to know when you go on vacation. All you have to do is adapt it to your rental.

Group outdoor activities together, indicating whether there are hiking trails or watering holes. Museums, theme parks and children’s activities. Finally, talk about the choice of restaurants, towns and villages to visit. You want your future holidaymakers to want to book with you, because they’re bound to find something they like.

2. When travelers are here

When travelers arrive, it’s essential that they find the information they’re looking for quickly.

In such cases, it’s best to tell them in person, but we recommend you use the StyQR welcome booklet instead.
The Around Me module is the ideal place to gather all the useful information you need about your surroundings. You’ll find categories such as transport, activities, restaurants, museums and monuments. From there, all you have to do is fill in the categories that correspond to your rental and tell us as much as you can.
Don’t hesitate to indicate opening hours, telephone numbers or prices in the comments section. There’s no limit to the number of locations you can list. This is a big plus, as it gives your travelers a real choice of different activities.
It’s also very easy to update, as all you have to do is add or remove a place of interest.

3. Sites offering activities

You’ve probably seen it on the
Airbnb website
a new category has recently appeared. This is the experience category. You can propose activities yourself that can be booked via the platform, or suggest that your travelers look on it to find the experience that’s right for them.
Airbnb offers all kinds of experiences; whether culinary, sightseeing, photo shoots or art classes, for example.
Other sites offer other types of activities or services. The website
website, in particular, lists all the nautical spots and activities in your area. On the
you’ll find all the fun hikes you can do according to your level, and the site
Henri trip
is a free platform to help youorganize your road trip. A really great help for travelers who want to optimize time and distance to visit an entire region, for example.

A paid professional version is available on each of these platforms.

Showcasing your home by describing the surrounding area is the key to success. Don’t skimp on it, and use the tips in this article to make your home a must-see 😉.