Normandy is a vast region in which there are many things to discover. So let’s go ! Let’s head for the 8th stage of our regiontrip !

Its picturesque towns :

We start our tour with a stop in Honfleur. This is Normandy’s must-see port. Take time to stroll along the port and discover its beautiful houses. Then continue your journey towards the square: Deauville, Trouville, Cabourg and Houlgate. Very famous, the first two will not fail their reputation. Why not stop off during your visit to try your luck at Deauville’s beautiful casino?

Continuing on to Grandville is a must. Don’t miss the Place Cambernon, the Grande Porte and the tour of the ramparts. But that’s not all. There’s something for everyone, from gourmets to party-goers. Numerous restaurants and a well-known carnival also add to the charm of this pretty town.

Of course, you should also stop off in Caen to discover its Vaugueux district and château. A stopover in Rouen is a must. Yes, big cities are always on our list. We suggest you discover its medieval houses and the Gros Horloge belfry . You won’t be disappointed!

Finally, to round off our tour of the towns and villages we love best, we’d like to let you in on our little secret: the village of Gouville sur Mer. You’ll find lots of little huts with colourful roofs, and a great walk to boot!

Its exceptional sites and history :

Does the Bayeux tapestry ring a bell? So take our advice and find out for yourself. It’s 69 metres long! Rather imposing, but we assure you, it’s well worth the detour! Then, to continue with your historical memories, you can visit a number of museums and even the D-Day landing beaches. When you think about it, it’s pretty intimidating to be in a place where so much has happened, and it’s full of emotions and memories. If you’re interested, make a stopover during your stay in Normandy.

Next, let’s move on to some monuments – you’re going to tell me you already know them, but they’ve got to have a place in this article. It would be sacrilege otherwise! I’m talking about Mont Saint Michel, of course! Yes, some would say it’s part of Brittany. Well, no! Sorry to disappoint some of you, but Mont Saint Michel is definitely a Norman landmark, and a must-see! Take the time to visit its narrow streets and museum. And if you want a complete tour, you can even take a walk in the bay at low tide.

Let’s continue with another famous site, the cliffs of Etretat. To tell you the truth, it’s a place I’m particularly fond of. Exceptional scenery and remarkable views await you.

And to finish off this culturally enriching section, we’re off to discover two more natural destinations. First of all, not always well known but nonetheless exceptional: Le Pays d’Auge. It’s a must-see in Normandy and a fine representation of the region. Cows, half-timbered houses and thatched cottages. This is exactly what we think of when we think of Normandy. So if you want to recharge your batteries and take some time out, this is definitely the place to go.

And to finish on a high note, let’s talk about a little paradise off the Normandy coast: the Chausey Islands. Discover its turquoise waters, breathtaking scenery and granite coastline. We look forward to hearing from you!


For those who are more looking for activities, especially family activities, don’t worry, Normandy has what you need !

First of all, visit the Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg. Between discovering the abyss and visiting France’s very first nuclear submarine, you’re guaranteed to get an eyeful. For a more natural feel, you can visit the Parc Naturel du Perche. It’s the perfect destination for getting your fill of the great outdoors. Many hiking trails are also accessible. For those looking for a tropical experience, Normandy has just what you need. Come and discover Biotropica. You’ll discover animal species that we’re definitely not used to seeing, and all in a 6,000m2 heated greenhouse.

And finally, for the little (and big) gourmets, come and discover the Maison au Biscuit located in Sortosville-en-Beaumont in the Manche department, or the caramels of Château de Beaumesnil, and finally, the Camembert route!

Of course, this article doesn’t cover all of Normandy’s riches, so I hope it’s inspired you to come and discover not only the ones in the article, but all the others too!
Don’t hesitate to add to Your booklet all the places and good addresses that could embellish your travelers’ stay. We soon find ourselves in another part of France!