Do you want to have a clean rental but also pollute as little as possible? We’ve got 3 great brands for you to choose from!

1. Danika natural

Danika is a transparent brand with natural, biodegradable products. They offer you
such as do-it-yourself natural detergents, floor cleaners and dishwashing soaps.

What triggered the creation of the brand? The overly aggressive composition of commercial detergents, which are not fully treated in wastewater treatment plants, pollute rivers and affect biodiversity.

2. Lopa

LOPA stands for Love Our Planet Again. And for this, the brand offers you: a sachet of powder to make your own shower gel.

Now you can offer your customers zero-waste shower gels!

3. Iris Hantverk

This pretty Swedish brand offers a sleek design for high-quality brushes. The best part? They are made by blind craftsmen in the classical Swedish tradition.

You’ll find brushes for every purpose: dishes, food, baths… You’ll see that they’ll look just as good in your home!

Do you know any other 0-waste brands? If so, let us know in the comments!

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