Are you reluctant to go on a camping vacation? We’ll hunt them down in no time! Find out why camping is attracting more and more people.

1. Because it has modernized

Let’s face it, most campsites are a long way from the vision of

Nowadays, most campsites are huge, fully-equipped, modern spaces. There are even 5-star campsites that offer :

  • A welcome in 3 foreign languages
  • Heated toilets and showers
  • High-quality optional services (massage, hairdresser…)
  • A swimming area
  • Internet
  • 24-hour reservations

There is an evaluation grid for campsites, which is constantly evolving. For example, since 2019 it has included: the state of cleanliness of rentals, internet access from the second star upwards, the elimination of Turkish toilets and other criteria. As a result, regulations are increasingly stringent and vigilance is heightened.

Finally, camping doesn’t necessarily mean tenting. You’ll find plenty of campsites where you can rent motorhomes or small bungalows. The notion of camping is becoming ever broader.

2. By bringing us closer to nature

That’s one of the advantages of camping. You’re usually right in the heart of nature, and if you’re in a tent, you get an even more immersive experience.

Many people describe camping as“freedom“. You’re in a secure complex, and you can return to your “accommodation” whenever you like. You can spend the night under the stars, go for a night walk or drink hot chocolate by the fire.

3. Because you meet lots of people at the campsite

It’s a fact that campsites are so big that you’re bound to meet a lot of people. If you’re a regular, you’ll find a few familiar faces from one year to the next, it’s true. But most of the time, you’ll meet new people!

This is one of the many advantages of camping in France, especially in summer, when many tourists flock to the campsites, so you can discover a new language and a new culture. It’s a great way to extend your vacation and add an unexpected cultural dimension!

Of course, you can also stay to yourself if you prefer a quieter vacation. But don’t forget that camping is also about conviviality and discovery!

So, do you fancy a camping trip? We’re just waiting for the warm weather to return, and then we’ll pitch our tent! And if you want to go away but not for long, why not try the principle of