The paper welcome booklet, a solution that may seem simple and effective, but quickly finds its limits. Especially in winter. Indeed, you get a little dirtier because you come home with wet feet, you wear 5 layers of clothes so you don’t know where you’ve put that little piece of paper. So what to do ?

1. The false good ideas

We have seen alternatives, more or less good ones, to the paper welcome booklet. But among the worst, here are the ones we remember :

  • The inventory of cupboards with a pen in the cupboard door
  • The wifi code written on a slate on the back of the door (and therefore erased)
  • The sheet of paper taped to the wall and covered with tape so as not to be stained

These attempts are not very aesthetic and do not correspond to the standard of living one would expect in a ski resort. This needs to be modernised !

2. The real solution : the digital welcome booklet

The ideal solution ? Switch to a digital welcome booklet. No more loose sheets, no more redoing a sheet for each customer or trying to find the old one. With our StyQR digital welcome booklet, you and your customers will have everything at your fingertips.

Here are some of our features :

  • Wifi
  • Digicode
  • Useful numbers…

With these modules, you can offer your travellers a personalised and modern experience. They will have your booklet with them everywhere, without the risk of losing it. The little extra ? No more paper ! Everything is done on the tablet or smartphone.

Replace your paper welcome booklet quickly and permanently with a digital welcome booklet. It will be much more comfortable for you and your customers. And if you want the best quality and service, switch to StyQR Premium !