A new challenge for your location, welcoming children. How can you make sure that the experience of parents and children goes as smoothly as possible? We give you all our advice!

1. In your home

We don’t always think about this but can you imagine yourself in the shoes of a 4 year old when it’s raining outside and you have nothing to do? When we are grown up, we always find something to do but for them, it’s more complicated. So for everyone to enjoy and for parents to release a little pressure, take the lead!

You can propose a small chest filled with treasures for the children! Parents will be delighted and we’re not talking about the children.

To fill it, no need to ruin yourself, here is what we suggest:

  • Books for all ages at Boulinier or Recyclivre
  • Some board games: at the flea market, on Vinted, Leboncoin, those of your children that they do not use anymore…
  • Small and easy recipes to make with your parents: you can print out recipes for Marmiton or Aufeminin
  • DVDs or restricted Netflix or Amazon access (which parents can monitor)

Finally, think about the garden as well. Indeed, if the parents don’t want to go out, what could the child do in your garden? Don’t hesitate to specify if you have farm animals, a vegetable garden, a swing, anything that could interest the parents!

2. Around you

Having what you need in your rental is really important. But now you have to think about the outside. What is interesting for them around you?

You can leave a small notebook, or even better, your welcome booklet StyQR with all the information you find important.

For example: 

  • Child-friendly walks
  • Play parks
  • Gardens, zoos…
  • Restaurants offering activities for them

This list will make life easier for parents and will be an additional plus for you when scoring!

If you apply all these little tips, everyone’s vacation will go smoothly! And your grade will stay on top because you’ve thought of everything for the parents!