Are you about to welcome Airbnb tenants to your property and would like to prepare a welcome booklet to facilitate the transmission of information?

You’re right! The welcome booklet is an essential element for the arrival of your Airbnb guests. You’ll be able to give them all the advice they need to make the most of their stay with you.

Here’s a template to follow to create your Airbnb welcome booklet.

Essentials information

to include in your booklet

To accompany your travellers during their stay, remember to indicate :

  • The wifi code (or how to connect to a hotspot)
    This element has become more than essential today, because your travelers want to stay connected during their stay!
  • Access code( s) if you have one at home
    It would be a shame if your travellers got stuck outside the door and disturbed you in the middle of the night…!
  • Essential telephone numbers
    Yours, the emergency doctor’s, your friendly neighbor’s… in short, something to reassure them and help them if need be!
  • The best addresses in the area
    A good restaurant, a nice bar to have a drink… It’s not always easy to find the right place when you don’t know the area!
  • Practical information
    How do electrical appliances work? Where are things stored? In short, guide your travelers to save them time. You can also give your instructions on the house rules for your accommodation, or for arrival/departure.
  • A guest book
    Let your travelers express their feelings about their stay!

A digital welcome booklet

Have you thought about it?

StyQR allows you to create your Airbnb welcome booklet digitally in just a few clicks!

You will be able to fill in all the necessary information for your Airbnb travelers.

Create your Airbnb booklet

Finally a modern solution to organize information well! You will surprise your travelers while improving their stay 😉

Accessible by

QR code or URL link

To share your Airbnb welcome booklet, you can then print your QR code, to place in your accommodation, or send the URL link of your booklet to your travelers (by email, SMS, Whatsapp…).

This way, they will have all the essential information at hand, even when they are away from home! Practical, isn’t it?

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