La Boutique des Proprios : the essentials for your rental !

The devil is in the details! We’re not teaching you anything, the Bnb rental market is very competitive. All hosts  Airbnb s goal is to stand out in order to attract potential customers, who are more and more demanding. But how to satisfy them and how to create a quality welcome? These are recurrent and yet essential questions. We recently discovered La Boutique des Proprios, a website that offers an innovative solution: the purchase of welcome kits! Dedicated to travelers, they will allow you to become an exceptional host… We explain everything.

The welcome kit

your seduction asset

Whoever has never forgotten their toothbrush when going on vacation, come forward! Because so many of us are absent-minded, these wonderful kits are the ultimate solution. Thus, La Boutique des Proprios offers 4 types of kits: for the reception, the children, the bathroom and the aperitif. These kits will surprise your travelers who will be delighted to have such a thoughtful host. Surprise guaranteed! It’s a worthwhile investment because you’ll get great reviews! Your guests will feel at home and will not miss anything.

La Boutique

des Proprios

It is easy for professionals (hotels, campings…) to get products and kits (hygiene, maintenance or gourmet). Unfortunately, it is more complicated for a simple host Airbnb. As a result La Boutique des Proprios provides you with welcome kits for your tenants (cleaning products, basic foodstuffs, welcome gifts, toiletries…) as well as the necessary for your rental:

  • Bed linen & towels
  • Bedding (mattresses, pillows, comforters, …)
  • Furniture (outside, inside, dishes, …)
  • Appliances (kitchen, maintenance, television, …)
  • Safety (smoke detector, first aid kit and defibrillator)
  • Childcare (prevention, diaper, bedding, …)

You will then be able to adapt your property to your customers by offering them adapted equipment. To know more about it, discover our article “how to target and seduce our customers”.

Our favorite


At StyQR, we were seduced by the Kit Apéritif ! Who has never dreamed of arriving in his rental, of settling in and being able to taste regional and organic products around a good bottle ? La Boutique des Proprios lhas done! Such attention can only make your tenants smile. It immediately creates a warm welcome: satisfaction guaranteed!

The best

for the end...

The kits of La boutique des Proprios

are therefore a guaranteed added value for your rental. You can offer them as an option in your ad or surprise your customers by offering them. So, are you tempted? We have a promo code for you: 10% discount with the code: LAUNCH DISCOVERY.

In addition to the welcome kit, you can perfect your welcome by creating your digital welcome booklet with StyQR ! It allows you to reference all the information of your accommodation (digicode, wifi, good tips in the vicinity, special lockers, …) to save time and simplify the life of your travelers.

Create your booklet

Top 6 most unusual hotels in the world

Why go for uniformity when you can play the unusual card? Travelers are looking for unique and original experiences while giving meaning to their journey. For them, a hotel is no longer just a place to spend a night, they hope to travel differently. Demanding, they are looking for more exclusive ways to discover the world. And the hotels you are about to discover have understood this, as they are all very different. Be inspired by our selection.

1. Ice hotel – Sweden

Located in Jukkasjärvi on the banks of the Torne (the border river between Sweden and Finland), it is the first ice hotel to have been created with rooms close to -5°C, and impressive ice sculptures that are renewed every year.

Discover this hotel

2. Le Dog Bark Park Inn – Cottonwood, USA

Designed and built by two sculptors, the Dog Bark Park Inn is a dog-shaped hotel located in Cottonwood, Idaho, USA. It includes only two large rooms. But they are quite expensive.

Discover this hotel

3. No Man’s Fort – England

A Victorian-era English fort was renovated and transformed into a 5-star establishment with a spa, a heliport and even a cabaret. A place that is perfect for events such as weddings or seminars.

Discover this hotel

4. Giraffe Manor – Kenya

It is an African mansion with European architecture where travelers are accompanied throughout their stay by beautiful and curious giraffes. Every year, it welcomes visitors from all over the world who want to live an impressive fairy tale experience for young and old.

Discover this hotel

5. Taj Lake Palace – India

A mythical hotel. A true jewel on the water, the Taj Lake Palace is a white marble palace set on the water, a place that pays homage to the maharanas of Udaipur. The hotel uses a boat to bring guests to the hotel from a jetty.

Discover this hotel

6. Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp-Marocco

To experience the magic of the desert and warm up to the hospitality of the Tuareg nomads in Morocco, there is only one address; The Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp. A few kilometers from M’hammid El Ghizlane, this upscale hotel is surrounded by sand dunes. It offers fixed tents in the middle of the desert, a local gastronomy, as well as several activities to please the adventurers.

Discover this hotel

As you may have noticed, it’s important to draw on a variety of creative concepts to find your own hotel identity.
Now that you’ve been inspired, it’s time to make your hotel shine!

The most original hotels in Paris

Are you a hotel manager wondering how to express your creativity? Take inspiration from the charm of the City of Lights. Paris not only has a discreet and elegant style but also hides the most inspiring hotels. From the romantic to the literary to the olfactory to the futuristic, you will find something to spark your imagination.

1. Love Hotel

Finally a love hotel in Paris! No need to book, whether it’s for a night or just a few hours. This is a unique concept that comes directly from Japan. Mythical rooms according to different themes, hourly rentals, in short, an ideal place to break the routine.

Discover this hotel

2. Five Hôtel Paris

This soft cocoon awakens the senses through a subtle play of colors, different materials, variations in light, the notion of transparency and olfactory research… A successful ensemble where the graphics transport travelers in perfect harmony.

Discover this hotel

3. Le Kube Paris - Hôtel & Ice-Bar

This soft cocoon awakens the senses through a subtle play of colors, different materials, variations in light, the notion of transparency and olfactory research… A successful ensemble where the graphics transport travelers in perfect harmony.

Discover this hotel

4. Vice Versa Hôtel- Les péchés à l’état pur

The suites of this hotel are animated by the breath of the 7 deadly sins. It’s up to you to indulge in them, so are you more likely to be proud, angry, lustful, greedy, envious, or lazy?

Discover this hotel

5. Hôtel du Triangle d’Or - L’hôtel musical

For travelers who are music lovers at heart, this hotel offers rooms in the theme of classical music, rock, jazz … Decorative objects of designers are also installed.

Discover this hotel

6. Apostrophe Hôtel

This time for the more literary, this hotel displays poetry in all its refinement. From the pleiad to the surreal, the rooms remain very lyrical.

Discover this hotel

So, have you ever had the opportunity to stay in one of these hotels?
Or maybe you have your own hotel or guesthouse that is just as original?

Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

The best hotel management software

Today, the management of a hotel can hardly be done without computer assistance. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of hotel management software on the market. StyQR gives you its selection and makes you discover the specific features of each one.

For a

complete solution

Property management software allows you to manage your business flow: reservations, billing, statistics, debtors, etc.

For example, PMS software allows you to manage the room system and the billing process. You can follow the entire customer journey from check-in to check-out.

In addition, PMS also facilitates the reception! Guests can also use the software and access their personal area to check in.

One of the most famous PMS is Sequoiasoft.

Discover Sequoiasoft

For an

easy booking

Next, come the hotel distribution software. They will allow customers to book their rooms remotely. We advise you ReservitKigo et Cubilis.

Intuitive, easy-to-use platforms with highly responsive customer service.

Discover Reservit

For an update

of the real time prices

Yield management software allows you to optimize the price of a room according to several parameters (dated events, season, or competition).

For that, Booking suit is the best known software because it allows you to use a large number of modules to adjust the price.

Discover Booking suit

To optimize the

tasks of your teams

To optimize and federate your teams, there is maintenance software. Thus, all the hotel’s services can be managed at the same time. The software’s reactivity makes it easier to remedy technical problems. Some software also follows the evolution of your hotel. Loyal customers will see that their remarks are taken into consideration.

Among the most popular maintenance software, we have selected 1check !

Discover 1check

For a perfect welcome

of your travelers

StyQR allows you to create your hotel’s welcome booklet in a few clicks, in order to provide your guests with all the useful information: wifi code, digicodes, useful numbers, good addresses and practical information. Your travelers can easily access your welcome booklet by scanning a QR code placed in a photo frame in each room!

The creation of your first booklet is free, so try our solution now!

Create your welcome booklet