These days, it’s hard to run a hotel without IT support. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of hotel management software packages on the market. StyQR presents you with its selection, and shows you the features specific to each one.

For a

complete solution

Property management software enables you to manage your sales flow: reservations, invoicing, statistics, debtors, etc.

PMS software can be used to manage the room system and the billing process. You can follow the customer’s entire journey from check-in to check-out.

What’s more, PMS also makes receiving easier! Customers can also use the software to access their personal space and register. One of the best-known PMSs is Sequoiasoft.

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For an

easy booking

Next come hotel distribution software. They will enable customers to book their rooms remotely. We recommend Reservit, Kigo and Cubilis.

Intuitive, easy-to-use platforms with responsive customer service.

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For an update

of the real time prices

Yield management software allows you to optimize the price of a room according to several parameters (dated events, season, competition).

To achieve this,
Booking suit
is the best-known software, allowing you to use a large number of modules to adjust the price.

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To optimize the

tasks of your teams

To optimize and federate your teams, maintenance software is available. In this way, all hotel services can be managed at the same time. The software’s responsiveness makes it easy to remedy technical problems. Some software packages also track your hotel’s progress. Loyal customers will see that their comments are taken into account.

Among the best-known maintenance software, we have selected 1check!

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For a perfect welcome

of your travelers

StyQR lets you create your hotel‘s welcome booklet in just a few clicks, providing your guests with all the information they need: wifi code, digicodes, useful numbers, useful addresses and practical information. Your guests will be able to access your welcome booklet simply by scanning a QR code displayed in a photo frame in each room!

The creation of your first passbook is free of charge, so don’t delay in testing our solution!

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