The devil is in the details! The Bnb rental market is highly competitive. All Airbnb hosts aim to stand out in order to attract potential customers, who are increasingly demanding. But how do you satisfy them and create a quality welcome? These are recurring questions, and yet they’re of the utmost importance. We recently discovered La Boutique des Proprios, a website that offers an innovative solution: the purchase of welcome kits! Dedicated to travelers, they will enable you to become an exceptional host… We explain everything.

The welcome kit

your seduction asset

If you’ve ever forgotten your toothbrush on vacation, come forward! Because so many of us are airheads, these wonderful kits are the ultimate solution. La Boutique des Proprios offers 4 types of kit: for the reception area, the children, the bathroom and the aperitif. These kits will surprise your travelers, who will be delighted to have such a far-sighted host. Stupefaction guaranteed! It’s a worthwhile investment, because you’ll be able to get great reviews! Your guests will feel right at home and will want for nothing.

La Boutique

des Proprios

It’s easy for professionals (hotels, campsites…) to stock up on products and kits (hygiene, maintenance or gourmet). Unfortunately, it’s more complicated for a simple Airbnb host. This is why La Boutique des Proprios provides you with welcome kits for your tenants (cleaning products, food staples, welcome gifts, toiletries…) as well as everything you need for your rental:

  • Bed linen & towels
  • Bedding (mattresses, pillows, comforters, etc.)
  • Furniture (outdoor, indoor, tableware, etc.)
  • Household appliances (kitchen, cleaning, television, etc.)
  • Safety (smoke detector, first-aid kit and defibrillator)
  • Child care (prevention, diapering, sleeping, etc.)

You can then tailor your property to your customers by offering them the right equipment. To find out more, read our article “How to target and seduce your customers“.

Our favorite


At StyQR, we were seduced by the Aperitif Kit! Who hasn’t dreamed of arriving at their rental property, settling in and enjoying regional and organic products over a good bottle of wine? La Boutique des Proprios has done just that! Such thoughtfulness is bound to make your tenants smile. This immediately creates a warm welcome: satisfaction guaranteed!

The best

for the end...

La boutique des Proprios ‘ kits are guaranteed to add value to your rental property. You can offer them as an option in your ad or surprise your customers by giving them away. So, are you tempted? We have a promotional code for you: 10% discount with the code: LANCEMENT DECOUVERTE.

In addition to the welcome kit, you can perfect your welcome by creating your own digital welcome booklet with StyQR! This allows you to reference all the information about your accommodation (digicode, wifi, nearby tips, special lockers, etc.) to save time and simplify your travelers’ lives.

Create your booklet