Do you know Rategreen? Thanks to this solution, travelers will now be able to obtain a rating by type of service, as well as an overall rating of their trip in terms of CSR impact!
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1. How does it work?

Rategreen’s goal? Offer precise, standardized ratings for the four main travel professions: air, rail, car and hotel.

How? By joining forces with AFNOR Certification they have developed an exclusive, registered CSR reference framework based on the ISO 26000 standard.

On what basis? Based on the 5 key CSR criteria: local presence, customer travel, environment, human resources and social aspects, vision and governance.

The results? By combining all these criteria, they obtain two types of rating. One for each type of service (train, hotel, etc.) and an independent overall rating (for the whole trip).

The little extras? Rategreen doesn’t stop there, and also offers a better understanding of consumption patterns and the changes that can be made to improve them.

From now on, for those who have subscribed to Rategreen, it will be possible to choose the CSR rating as a criterion when a customer wants to book a trip. A good CSR rating is a differentiating asset increasingly sought after by consumers. A great way to stand out from the competition!

2. An optional module available

To take things a step further, the site even offers a complementary module to help you influence your travel decision at an early stage.

Take theYukaapp , for example: when you scan a product and it’s rated as bad, you (usually) get a few recommendations for products that are better for your health. With this add-on module, it’s all the same!

In other words, once you’ve obtained the overall rating, Rategreen will suggest alternatives (if they exist) with a better CSR rating, while retaining your requirements regarding location, services and price.

If you’re happy with this alternative, one click and everything is updated for your reservation.

The aim of this option? Act up stream by choosing the best CSR trip right away.

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