Reluctant to download yet another application to your phone? Gens de Confiance is definitely worth a visit! 😉

1. What is it?

Gens de Confiance is a secure classifieds application that can be downloaded from both Google Play and Apple Store.
This application lets youbuy, sell and rent through several categories. You’ll find real estate, automobiles, household appliances and much more.
This platform is secure, so you can post your ad or get interested in one already online without fear. All ads are checked and approved by the application’s moderators before being put online. This way, we say goodbye to scams and fraudulent ads!

2. Who's it for?

Gens de Confiance has a special way of ensuring that the platform runs smoothly, by which we mean the assurance ofauthentic ads. Anyone wishing to do so can register with Gens de Confiance. To become a member, however, you need to be sponsored by at least three existing members. In other words, anyone can access ads, but only members can reply. This helps create that famous trust, the key word in this system. Sponsors are usually people you know who are also registered on the application. It’s like a safe word of mouth!

3. What's in it?

The primary aim of this application is to provide a service. You’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for, as long as someone is selling or offering that good or service. 😊 Some categories stand out from the crowd with a greater number of publications and requests. These include real estate, vacation rentals and babysitting.

Does the idea appeal to you? Then register with gens de confiance!