What exactly is the Stripe Checkout page?

Ever heard of Paypal? Well, Stripe does the same thing AND better! 😎

To make things as clear as possible, Stripe’s Stripe Checkout ( 🇫🇷 payment page) allows you to have a purchase page without the need for a website 🔥

It’s a simple way to let your travelers take extra benefits with you. These include cab bookings, a bottle of champagne, local produce, etc. Anything you can think of to please your travelers 😉

Like StyQR, you can customize the design of your payment page! 😁

Stripe makes the payment experience as seamless as possible. Your traveler will be able to enter his or her payment details securely, and will be able to place your products in the right way. Would you like to place an order? They can save their information at any time for one-click payment on their next purchase.

Of course, payment can be made on any type of medium (mobile, tablet or computer) and if you feel like it you can enable payments via Google Pay or Apple Pay, but it’s not mandatory.

Let's create a Stripe payment page together

Once you’ve created your products, you can take care of creating the payment link. You’ll find it in the Products tab > Payment link and click + Create payment link.
Now all you have to do is add your product to the Stripe payment link, and check the necessary options.
Copy the generated payment link and that’s it, you’ve got your Stripe payment link!

If you go back to the Products tab > Payment link, you’ll see a nice shortcut of all your links!

Of course, we’ve made a tutorial article so you can find out how to shorten your links in 2 minutes! 😄

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With your Stripe payment page, you can start making additional sales.

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