Bulk consumption is becoming increasingly popular. Above all, it is becoming increasingly accessible on a personal basis. So why not add this everyday gesture to your rental?

1. What do I buy in bulk?

The great thing about bulk these days is that you can buy EVERYTHING. And for this you have more and more stores. our favorite, because it has everything we’re looking for, is Day by Day.

To meet your customers‘ needs, and your own in terms of cleaning, here’s what you can buy:

  • Coffee, tea, a few cookies, sugar, salt and pepper, some dried fruit…
  • Washing-up liquid, hand gel…
  • Dishwashing liquid, detergent
  • Wooden brushes for vegetables, cleaning…

To be 100% involved, you can take your own containers with you: either glass jars directly, but be careful, they’re heavy, or cloth or plastic bags. For household products, take your empty bottles directly!

2. How I get the word out

The easiest way to encourage your customers to do as you do, or to inform them that you buy in bulk, is still to tell them verbally. But with theeuphoria of arrival and the fatigue of the journey, some may forget this information.

That’s why our digital welcome booklet will be very useful for you to insert a short paragraph about this ecological gesture on your part. With our booklet, you can also negotiate a discount with your retailer for your customers – and that’s a really good idea! They’ll be able to do their shopping for less, thanks to you.

And now your rental becomes a little
! And thanks to you, some of your customers may even convert to bulk, who knows?