As you probably already know, “you only have one chance to make a good first impression”. So take care of your travelers’ welcome, from the very first minutes!

A welcome booklet is good.
A digital welcome booklet with StyQR is better!
A StyQR digital welcome booklet, customized to your image, is WAOUH!

Prepare your welcome booklet in advance, and customize it to your image: colors, background, fonts… Discover how to customize your StyQR digital welcome booklet.

How to customize

your welcom booklet ?

Start by creating your StyQR welcome booklet clic here.

Configure your booklet: fill in the information of the booklet (title, subtitle, address of the place). Choose and fill in the information of the modules of your choice (Wifi code, digicodes, good addresses, useful numbers…).

Once this is done, you will access the “Customization” tab. You will then be able to choose between many pre-established themes (nature, mountain, sea, forest, big cities…).

To access a customization (with your own image, colors and fonts of your choice), you must first validate your booklet.

In your administrator area, you should choose our formule Premium. You can then come back and edit your booklet to change its appearance.

The personalization


Edit your booklet, go to the Customization tab, then click on the “custom” symbol.

First choose your background: with a color or an image. If you choose an image, it must not exceed 750 Kb.

Then choose your fonts from the drop-down list.

Finally, select the colors of your choice. You can also play with the opacity of the colors.

Make sure that the elements of your booklet are well readable (colors, opacity…).

You will be able to see in real time the preview of the personalization of your booklet. If you want to test your booklet in real conditions, save your changes and access your booklet via the URL link or the QR Code with your smartphone.

Now you have all the cards in hand to create your own personalized digital welcome booklet!

It’s up to you 😉

Create you welcome booklet