Are you lucky enough to have a pool in your rental property? That’s a great asset! But have you checked that you are in order?

1. Mandatory equipment

Whatever the size of your pool, and whether it is in-ground or semi in-ground, you must install at least one of the following 4 pieces of equipment:

  • a protective barrier
  • an audible alarm system
  • a cover
  • a cover that completely covers the pool

Thanks to this equipment, you will protect the people coming to your house and you will protect yourself from an accident.

2. Fraud, what are the risks?

Here we assume that your pool is already built and that you have completed the necessary administrative formalities. We will only talk about the risks if you do not install the necessary equipment.

If you do not install the equipment, you risk a fine of up to 45,000 euros. But beware, it is up to the seller of your pool to provide you with a technical information note on safety equipment. If he fails to do so, he risks the same fine.

Apart from the financial aspect, if an accident could have been avoided with this equipment, you risk a court case in which you will lose and a tragedy on your conscience.

Now that you know everything, make the most of what your pool will bring you! And if you are still struggling to attract customers, here are some tips on how to get them to come!