What is it?

In a nutshell, the key box is your key safe . ?
This is where you can be sure that the keys to your accommodation will be kept in a safe place.
Like the one you hid in your room when you were a kid, and no one had the key to… Well, there it is again! ?

Thanks to a code-protected lock, you can stop hiding your keys in the flowerpot or under the doormat and keep them safe, worry-free! ?

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The benefits of a key box

As well as being practical and secure, it has many advantages for your accommodation keys:

  • Prevents loss of keys ?
  • Reduces the risk of key theft ?
  • Accessible at all times ?

How does it work?

It is usually screwed to an exterior wall.

Once you’ve installed it, simply create a combination of a code of at least 4 digits to increase the possibilities and limit forcing . ?

All you have to do is give the code to your tenants, who can then easily retrieve the keys and access your accommodation. ?

Choosing a key box

The degree of safety

And yes, the first thing we look at is safety, of course!
Protecting your keys is the main aim, some models protect better than others, like all products ? , and depending on the degree of security you choose, you’ll have even greater resistance to forcing . ?

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Perhaps your accommodation is in a damp region where it’s often cold, rainy, snowy…

So remember to choose your key box according to its waterproofing where it will withstand the elements and protect the contents from rainwater, snow …. ?

Storage capacity

If you have several keys, you’ll need a box big enough to hold all your precious keys. ?

Storage capacity may vary according to model ?


The price of a key box

They can easily be found in DIY stores, in stores specializing in the sale of home security devices such as safes or alarms, and of course, you always have the option of ordering your key box over the internet . ?

The price depends above all on the level of security chosen, and can range from :

  • 10 to 15€ for an entry-level key box ?
  • 20 to 30€ for a decorative metal model that can be fitted with a keypad ?
  • 50 to over €100 for a secure key box that can hold more than 100 keys and is intended for professional use ?

So, ready to keep your keys safe in a key box?