What is it?

In two words, the key box is the safe for your keys. 😎
It’s where you can be sure that the keys to your accommodation will be kept in a safe place.
Yes, you know exactly what we’re talking about, that safe well hidden in your room when you were a kid, where you put all your little secrets, your little coins and big bills, that no one but you could access… Well, there it is the same! 😁

Thanks to a code-protected lock, you can stop hiding your keys in the flower pot or under the doormat and put them safely without worries! 😉

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The advantages of a key box

In addition to being convenient and secure, it has many advantages for your hosting keys:

  • Helps prevent key loss 👍
  • Limits the risk of key theft 💪
  • Accessible at any time 😄

How does it work?

It is usually attached to a wall outside with screws.

Once you have it installed, all you need to do is create a combination of at least a 4-digit code to increase the possibilities and limit forcing. 💪

And bang, you just have to communicate the code of the box to your tenants who will be able to retrieve the keys easily and access your accommodation 😉

Choosing a key box

The degree of security

And yes, the first thing we look at is the security of course!
Protecting your keys is the main goal, some models protect better than others, like all products 😉 and the little extra is that depending on the security level you choose, you will have even more resistance to forcing. 😁

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Maybe your accommodation is located in a humid area where it is often cold, rainy, snowy…

So think about choosing your key box according to its waterproofness where it will resist to the weather and protect the content from rain water, snow… 🔥

Storage capacity

If you have multiple keys, you’ll need a box large enough to hold all your precious keys. 😁

Their storage capacity can be different depending on the model 😉


The price of a key box

They are easily found as in DIY stores, in stores specializing in the sale of security devices for homes, for example, safes or alarms, and of course, you always have the opportunity to order your key box on the internet. 🚀

Its price depends above all on the degree of security chosen, it can go from :

  • 10 to 15€ for an entry-level key box 😁
  • 20 to 30€ for a metal model, with a decorative shape and which can be equipped with a digicode 😉
  • 50 to more than 100€ for a secure key box that can hold more than 100 keys and is intended for professional use 😄

So, ready to keep your keys safe in a key box?