We are hearing more and more about concierge services, whether for hotels, private individuals or companies. But what exactly do they offer?

1. What does it involve?

Conciergeries refer to services offered to individuals (private concierge) or to employees (company concierge), based on the model of a hotel concierge. The aim of these concierge services? To offer a range of personalised services aimed at facilitating the daily life of their clients.

The model applied? That of the conciergeries of the big hotels. That is to say: to ensure the smooth running of the clients’ stay (reception, information, etc.) and to satisfy their requests (theatre reservations, car hire, etc.).

2. Janitorial services: private or corporate?

The aim of the private concierge service is to simplify the lives of its clients by saving them time. It is a personal assistance company that offers its customers to perform services for them such as: finding a heating engineer, waiting for a delivery man, receiving customers, making an inventory of fixtures… This is a very useful service for seasonal rentals.

Born in the United States in 1990 and arriving in France in 2000, the concierge service is a set of services offered to employees in their workplace. It is a lever for human resources management because it reduces employee stress and offers a better balance between private and professional life.

Now that you know everything, will you use such services? And if you want to discover a concierge service, this is the one we recommend!