Skrin ?

Skrin, they are THE 100% personalised leatherette holders! They include, colour, materials and logo, specially designed to sublimate your information on a point of sale, and this everywhere in France! 🚀

In addition, you can have this same support for all your point of contact locations of your hotel. 😁
With just a print of your information, news, advertising, you can insert them into your Skrin holder in your image of course!

Skrin relies on the “sheathing” technology for its fabrications. This technology, which is specific to the luxury industry, allows us to offer modern and elegant supports that reflect the image of each of our customers!

As you will have understood, Plexiglas mounts are now out of fashion today, no more mounts lacking in quality!
Skrin is taking over with its supports that sublimate your information!🤩

Skrin, a high-end display

With Skrin, you can have a leatherette product, quality stitching and sheathing technology unique to the luxury industry, all in a high-end display. 🔥

With Skrin’s durable and customisable displays, you make a difference:
A large choice of colours
Adaptable formats (A4-A5-A6)
A variety of styles.
Customisation with your own logo.

POS / POP materials

At a point of sale, you may already have experienced this situation. Where it was tricky to showcase your offers, services and information in a harmonious way with a beautiful decoration.

With Skrin, you draw your customers attention in a flash 😉 to a product or offer while keeping your brand image! 😁

It’s easy, just print your information or advertisement in the right format and slip it into the window!
Plus you can have peace of mind 😇 Skrin’s materials are long-lasting.

Premium media

Skrin offers you to sublimate your information thanks to a leatherette of the “sheathing” technology specific to the luxury industry.

Have you ever seen the finish of the product? Its stitching fills the finish of the product which gives a modern and classy look. 😎

In addition, thanks to the glass inserted in the slot, you will have your information/advertising highlighted!


Once your model and format have been determined, it’s time to choose the imitation leather! Skrin offers you around fifty references with different textures and colours, so you’re sure to find something you like. 😁

As well as choosing your leatherette, you can choose the colour of the stitching. And for front or back only models, you can choose alcantara on the back.
The little extra is that you can enhance your brand image by integrating your printed logo on a leatherette tab that is glued to the backing, in the right place for. 😉