It’s essential on vacation that everyone feels included, happy and rested. That’s why it’s important toadapt your structure to meet the needs of all travelers. For some travelers,PRM equipment is often a decisive factor in their choice of vacation destination.

Introduction to PMR fittings

PRM facilities are essential to ensure that all visitors can enjoy their stay to the full. Whether for holidaymakers in wheelchairs, the elderly or anyone with mobility difficulties, accessibility is the key to a successful vacation experience.

The different equipment

Adapted equipment is at the heart of accessibility. Here are some of the essential features to consider:

Accessible rooms: Rooms specially designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility. With wider doors, ample circulation spaces and adapted bathrooms. Think level showers and height-adjustable sinks for total accessibility.

Adapted sanitary facilities: toilets and showers equipped with handrails andsufficient space to facilitate movement and ensure safety. Raised toilets and fold-down shower seats are popular features.

Elevators: For multi-storey accommodation, an elevator is essential for easy access to all areas. Make sure the elevator is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. It must also be equipped with easily accessible call and control buttons.

Parking: Reserved parking spaces conveniently located to facilitate the arrival and departure of PRM visitors. Make sure the path from the parking lot to the entrance is clear and unobstructed. For example, you’d be better off with a hard floor than with a pebble or earth floor.

Creating an Unforgettable Experience for All

Then, in addition to structural amenities, it’s important that your travelers feel comfortable and included in your accommodation. Here are a few tips to ensure an unforgettable experience

Staff training: Make sure your staff are trained to meet the specific needs of PRM customers and to provide appropriate assistance when required. Awareness of the needs of people with disabilities can greatly enhance their experience. It can also be important, not just for PRMs but for all your travellers, that your staff are familiar with first aid.
Clear communication: Be clear and precise about the facilities available in your accommodation. Feel free to add a detailed description with photos. This will always reassure those looking for a truly equipped vacation spot. This will also reassure them about your offer and the attention you pay to your travelers’ needs.
Flexibility: Make sure you’re ready to respond to special requests and adapt your services to your customers’ individual needs. Whether it’s providing tailored meals or offering flexible hours for cleaning services, flexibility is the key to satisfying all visitors.

In conclusion, PRM facilities are essential to guarantee a warm and inclusive welcome in vacation accommodation. By adapting your reception structure and providing the necessary facilities, you can create an unforgettable experience for all your visitors. Don’t forget that accessibility is not just for people with reduced mobility, but for everyone. So invest in accessibility and get ready to welcome a wide range of customers with a smile! Don’t wait any longer, start today to make your accommodation accessible to all, and make every stay a memorable and inclusive experience for your guests!

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