A dream setting, a house just waiting for us after a long journey. Just want to take a hot shower,lie back in bed and enjoy the vacations. We’re looking for a smooth, quick entry to put our bags down and enjoy. That’s why travelers love an independent entrance, and what better way than with a digicode? The StyQR digicode module guarantees simplified, independent entry!

1. Digicode module

Moving into a new home is crucial. It must be fluid and simple. If you can’t get into the apartment, what will you think about the rest of your experience? You’ll already be leaving with a negative preconception. As a result, even the smallest defect will seem huge.

A digicode is a good thing, as it avoids having to give out keys and having that little voice telling you“what if they make duplicates? But it’s important to leave it visible and to give out the codes in advance. It must be: visible, clear and updated for each new guest.

2. Why you need it

Here again, you’re thinking,“why use anything other than an e-mail or a sheet of paper?” Firstly, because e-mails can be lost, deleted and, above all, they take longer to find. And the sheet of paper gets torn, soiled or lost.

Make life and thearrival of your travelers easier by opting for a StyQR welcome booklet. Your guests will have all the information they need with them, all the time. What could be simpler?

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