Managing the entireorganization of your Bnb rental can be a real headache. Although renting from one person to another can help you earn money, it does require a well-functioning organization (welcoming travelers, handing over keys, cleaning…).

Sometimes, we’d like to be able to split into two to be able to manage it all more easily! What if we told you it could be done? Today we’d like to introduce you to “co-hosts“, your best ally for your BnB rental!

What's a

airbnb co-host ?

First, let’s analyze the word: Co-host. Does this make you think of the word teammate? Bingo! A Co-Host is a partner whose mission is to help you manage your rental and your travelers. But who can be a co-host? There is no limit, you just need a mutual agreement.

It is therefore highly recommended to ask someone you can rely on (family, friend, neighbor…). If you don’t know anyone around you who can play this role, you can probably find someone through the Airbnb community forum.

The co-host


You remain the main manager and the co-host is your auxiliary in the Airbnb rental. Its mission: to replace you on tasks you can’t perform. Your co-host can also help you with :

  • Ad creation and updating
  • Preparing the accommodation (restocking supplies, cleaning, repairs, bedding, etc.)
  • Welcoming and assisting travelers (handing over keys, questions, problems…)
  • Communicating and managing traveler feedback
  • Reservations management

To give someone co-host status, simply add them to your Airbnb listing by following this tutorial.

With a co-host, managing your rentals just got easier! Nevertheless, it is essential to choose a trustworthy person to avoid any disputes. If you’re having trouble finding a suitable co-host, or would prefer to call in a professional, we’ve got just the solution for you: BnB concierge services.

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