Gîtes de France : the label

We have all seen this label somewhere. But what does it mean and what does it represent? We tell you everything about the label Gîtes de France, here we go !

1. What is Gîtes de France ?

First of all, Gîtes de France is :

  • A label
  • A brand
  • A network … of accommodation in private homes in France and in Europe.

In 1955, the National Federation of Gîtes de France (FNGF) was created in the Lower Alps. The goal ? To develop tourist accommodation at home in France. Why did this happen ? To fight against the desertification of the countryside. Here, the logic is simple: if we abandon the countryside for the big cities, we run the risk of ruin. However, living in the city, we want to come back to the country at the weekend, and therefore we must be able to welcome city dwellers. So we created gites to welcome them!

How do they work ? They are managed by department with a national federation. The labels granted (ecogîtes and gîtes panda) and the classification are given by each department.

They have their own classification, here we don’t speak of stars but of “épis” (1 to 5).

2. Values and accommodations

Gîtes de France has 4 core values :

  • Sharing : stays in the best conditions of welcome and comfort
  • Authenticity : meeting the requirements of tourists looking for authenticity, conviviality and experience
  • Responsibility : to promote our heritage and develop “sustainable” tourism
  • Commitment : contributing to local employment and the attractiveness of the region

Concerning the accommodations, more than 56 000, you will find gites or guest houses. For some time now, you can also choose to leave according to a theme : unusual, prestige, gourmet… You will definitely find your next vacation destination!

Now that the Gîtes de France label has no more secrets for you, why not go on a micro-adventure in one of them ?