Life, unusual hotels

Do you want to stay in an attractive, new-generation, budget hotel ? Then look no further, Life Hotels is for you! 😍

You’ll see, you’ll be able to feel free and use the place according to your desires!
Life combines hotels of course with an arty decoration, coworking and entertainment spaces, and on top of that a 24-hour catering service !

Its history

It was through the first containment that each member of the ValueState Hotels group was able to focus on the idea of founding Life. 🚀
Yes, at that point we were all at home either working or finding a new hobbit to discover.

From brainstorming to designing Life “Better than home”, these professionals and enthusiasts took time to think about the idea and its 4 pillars Sleep, Work, Arty & Play.

Of course, they thought of everything, the importance of digital and the preservation of the environment that they wanted to create a newgen brand, while remaining in line with the values that are increasingly carried by everyone.


Inside the accommodation, you will discover rooms with a design unique to each establishment.
Everything has been thought of so that you can have a wonderful stay, from the furnishings to the uncluttered decoration that will immerse you in the Life atmosphere. 😁

So as well as recharging your batteries in the best possible bedding, you also get to enjoy the chromecast ! Perfect for a chill evening in front of your favourite series.

You’ll see, you’ll immediately feel better than at home! 😊


Some of these rooms can be adapted to your needs to offer you a working space.
In addition, co-working is available, perfect for brainstorming with others, or to have a quiet place where you can work in peace. Everything is designed for ! 😄


In the Play rooms you will find everything you need to train.
Sports equipment and training videos specially produced for LIFE.
You’ll be in shape with these comprehensive sessions! 💪

If you are more interested in meeting and sharing places, you will be delighted to see the common areas.
Like a library, games and little surprises that members of the team will have made for you, are waiting for you ! 😁


In terms of design, all LIFE spaces have been designed by the architect MOHA.
From the breakfast room, through the warm space and the heart of a gourmet offer, to the centre of this alveolus…

Of course LIFE always preserves the environment, symbolic design in connection with the vital need to eat 😉

Key dates

Under the sun ☀️

In July 2021, Life hotels will open its first establishment in Marseille, in the heart of the Old Port. What could be better than spending a weekend in a place near the beach? 😎

In the centre of the wine region 🍷

See the Bordeaux train station ? Next to it is the second Life Hotels establishment which opened its doors in January 2022 ! Currently being renovated, it can’t wait to welcome you to discover its atypical universe. 😊

Who came up with this wonderful idea ?

Indeed, François Dubrule and Alexis Caude are the two entrepreneurs who founded the sendinblueValueState group in 2010 before subsequently creating the Life brand.

“Dear Lifeuses Lifeurs, Since my beginnings in the hotel business, supported by a demanding family environment, I have been keen to share my values. I hope that you will find them at LIFE because everything must flow during your stay. Work, play, rest or laugh, nothing should be missing! And all this in the best place in town… Life is cool”.

François Dubrule

Renters, hoteliers: welcoming babies to your establishment

Going on holiday with children is often a headache. But then, going on holiday with a baby isn’t! You need a ton of equipment and finding the right place to go can be a real obstacle course! Here we help you stand out from the crowd by offering these baby-friendly amenities.

1. What baby equipment should be offered?

There is a wide range of equipment for babies. But the main ones are :

  • A cot
  • A high chair
  • A cradle (for the very young)
  • A stair gate (if you have one)

You can find all this equipment on resale sites such as Vinted, or on Ikea, no need to spend a fortune! The important thing is that the equipment is functional, not new.

If you want to go further, you can also offer :

  • A toilet seat cover
  • Baby cutlery
  • Some toys and soft toys

It’s up to you!

2. The benefits to you

There are two major advantages (although they both amount to the same thing: making a bit more money):

  • By specifying in your ad and putting a picture of the equipment, you reassure some parents and give them the trigger to book with you. You will then get more bookings.
  • You can offer these facilities for rent (especially for hotels) and therefore ask for a supplement on the nightly price.

This way, with a smaller investment, you win in the long run!

Now that you know everything, it’s time for more bookings! And if you want to go further, we also have an article on childcare in rentals!

Hotels: the importance of good catering

Hotel life is a dream for many people! But what would a good hotel be without top-notch catering? We decipher for you the advantages and how to create one that suits you.

1. For your customers

For many people, staying in a hotel is synonymous with absolute relaxation. And relaxation means no worries about laundry, cleaning and meals. So the first benefit for your guests is to relax as much as possible. With breakfast on the premises and the possibility of coming back late in the evening, after having explored the surroundings, and putting your feet under the table before going back to your room, the stay becomes magical!

Offering a restaurant service in the evening is also one less thing to worry about for your guests: no need to pay, everything is put on the bill, no need to look for a restaurant on the other side of town, the possibility to rest a little more…

Finally, it’s an extra pleasure for them! Not only do they enjoy a few nights at your place, but you also offer them the best of your culinary territory, what more could you ask for?

2. For you

The advantages for hotels of having an efficient and tasteful catering service are many:

– You get more visibility: on social media for example

– You earn more money because your customers consume at your place
– Customers can come to you to eat and drink and discover your hotel and stay there

Finally, a last advantage that is not to be neglected is that of reputation, if you have a nose for it and you find a talented chef, your hotel will inevitably gain! One thinks of the Meurice with the chef Alain Ducasse, Eric Fréchon au Bristol or La Rotonde with the chef Aurélien Largeau.
Of course, you don’t have to start with a great chef right away, but you can be sure that a good kitchen will be the talk of the town!

3. Where to start

First, ask yourself some simple questions:

– Who is my target audience?
– What do I want to offer: breakfast, lunch, dinner?
How do I do it? In the room and in the dining room or only one of them?
– What type of cuisine? Local or international?

Once you have these answers, start looking for a chef and a brigade. This search will be based on the type of cuisine you want. If your customers are looking for authenticity, go for seasonal and local cuisine, if you have a lot of children and families, go for something international.

You can even offer several menus! For example, an “on the go” menu at lunchtime and a more gastronomic menu with a regional focus for the evening. This way you can satisfy the needs of your resident customers but also those from outside.

What about you? What catering service do you offer? If you also have questions about the type of furniture to buy, we have the answer !

Hotels: the importance of a good website

Having a website is the key to getting bookings. But what information should you put on it and how should you manage it? We tell you everything here.

1. Why it's important ?

Having a website dedicated to your hotel is important for many reasons :

  • Improve your online presence
  • Get more bookings
  • Manage everything in-house
  • To present all your offers
  • To make discounts specific to your site

On a single page and in a few seconds, your future customers can find all the information they are looking for. If this information is also relevant and well classified, you’re sure to get more customers!

2. What information should be found on your site?

The first step is done: the customers are on your site. Now their path to the information they are looking for must be simple and short. They must not get lost. To do this, we advise you to classify your site by heading: contact, photos, offers, bookings… This way, they will immediately know where to go.

Then, for an attractive site, you will need nice pictures. Call in a professional photographer and take photos of your hotel, the rooms, the reception and the entire exterior. These photos can be reused for your social networks if necessary.

Remember to create a contact page with: your address, an email, a phone number. Some customers prefer to make their reservation by phone or have questions to ask you.

Finally, don’t forget to add this information to make life easier for your customers:

  • Pet policy
  • Arrival and departure times
  • Distance to airports, train stations…
  • Activities near your hotel

You will have understood that for a good management of your bookings, it is important that your website is attractive and functional. For ours, we used TREIZE MARS and we are not disappointed!

5 tips for your Airbnb during the Christmas holidays

To enchant your travelers Airbnb during the Christmas holidays, we have concocted for you some recipes and decoration ideas. Seduction guaranteed for your travelers

Without further ado, here are our 5 DIY inspirations for this holiday season.

1. The timeless Christmas tree

2. Even without snow, a snowman!

3. Decorate your doors with Christmas wreaths

4. Candles to light up the atmosphere

5. Easy recipes to welcome your travelers

As you may have noticed, all these ideas are quite easy to implement! You will be able to make your rental Airbnb very attractive, while spending little money. Surprising your guests during the holidays will be a real asset to gain positive reviews and notoriety. To your decorations!

Sources :

6. To go further

In general, not just during the holidays, careful decoration will help you attract more customers and give them a better experience.

They should feel “at home” when they walk through your door. So it’s up to you to create a cosy atmosphere. You can find plenty of inspiration for this on Pinterest, Instagram or decoration magazines such as Elle décoration for example.

To find out more and get lots of good advice to help you for sure, we invite you to read this article on the interior design of an Airbnb.

Improve your ranking on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor, The world’s leading tourism website has approximately 5 million hotels listed in France. To stand out from the competition, you need to move up in the rankings. StyQR offers you in this article some tips to improve yourself on this platform.

Filling out

your professional file

After listing your establishment on TripAdvisor, you will have access to your owner space. Confirm your identity by entering your function within the establishment, you will then receive a confirmation call. By logging in to your space, you will be able to manage the main features of your accommodation (management of the page with the addition of photos and updating of services, responses to reviews, management of reservations, access to settings)

So, pay attention to the presentation of your profile and indicate the details of schedules, addresses, rates…

Don't overlook

the average score

A 20% increase in your average score will move you up 12.2% in the rankings! It is imperative that you get closer to 4 out of 5 stars. The popularity index TripAdvisortakes into account the performance of a hotel in relation to other hotels in its vicinity. An impactful causality!

Pay more attention to

your opinions to reap the benefits

Customers rely heavily on feedback from previous experiences to make their hosting choices. Let your customers know you are on the platform and encourage them to leave reviews about their experience with you. You can also use the free “express review” option offered by TripAdvisor. Indeed, after leaving your hotel, your customers will receive an email encouraging them to give their review on the site.

Finally, to further improve your reputation, you can follow our advice by reading our article « surprise your customers to make your reputation better » 


your widgets !

The widgets of  TripAdvisor are synonymous with the trust that users place in you.  So if you have received a “Certificate of Excellence” from TripAdvisor, integrate it into your website. The “Certificate of Excellence” and “Rave Reviews” badges are also examples of real advantages to set you apart from the competition.

Improve customer satisfaction

by going digital

Satisfied customers are synonymous with future positive reviews on TripAdvisor. For a better welcome, surprise your customers with a StyQR digital welcome booklet. In just a few clicks, you can configure your digital welcome booklet to record all the good tips and addresses nearby. And don’t forget to include all the necessary information: the wifi code, the digicode(s), practical information and useful numbers. A simple and modern gesture that will add a nice decorative touch to your home.

Create your booklet

Make your hotel more profitable with daily rooms

You would like your hotel to be more profitable. You thought you had considered all the possibilities: adding a floor, going upmarket… But have you thought about renting your rooms for a few hours during the day? According to Dayuse, it would bring you up to 20% more customers.

Daily rooms :

a new concept

Obviously, the primary function of a hotel is to offer rooms where travelers can spend the night. However, the demand in this environment is not only at night. But the hoteliers did not have the solution nor the organization to manage these additional reservations. During the day, the staff is well present and the services are also available. However, 50% of hotel rooms remain unoccupied during the day. You will have understood, here is a real potential to exploit!

Dayuse :

An innovative platerform

Dayuse is the reference platform for daytime hotel reservations.
With 4 years of experience, Dayuse has created an innovative service to further exploit the potential of hotels.
It allows the rental of rooms in establishments from 3 to 5 stars, with a reduced price (compared to the nightly rate) by applying up to 70% discount.
This way, the customer is satisfied to find a flexible solution at an advantageous price, and the hotelier can make a real profit by renting the rooms during low activity periods.

For who ?

By joining this concept, you can now target a new clientele:

  • Couples looking for freedom and intimacy for a short time.
  • Executives in between business meetings.
  • Dynamic travelers who want to rest between two plane rides.
  • Fashion companies or production companies wishing to do shootings or interviews.

How does it work ?

If you’re an hotel you can directly contact Dayuse to create a tailor-made offer for your hotel. In this way, you choose the number and type of rooms available as well as the adapted schedules according to your cleaning teams. Thus, Dayuse immediately markets your rooms to an international clientele.

The customer will pay for his room directly to your hotel. You collect the total amount and you will receive a monthly invoice Dayuse, which charges a commission.

Discover Dayuse


additional to be won

Daytime booking rates are up to 70% lower than nightly rates, but your hotel will benefit from the visibility offered on the site and a much higher occupancy rate than before. Users of the platform receive up to 10 to 15% additional revenue. You will also benefit from a 360° communication from Dayuse : advertising, digital campaigns and extensive media coverage. Not to mention that the implementation of  Dayuse is free.

How do you translate your welcome booklet?

You rent (or exchange) your accommodation, you manage a hotel, a guest house, a campsite, and you sometimes welcome foreign travelers? This article is for you!

Foreign tourists, especially if they don’t speak the local language, can quickly feel helpless when faced with a lack of information in their native language.

It is therefore important to provide them with the appropriate information in their own language so that they can fully enjoy their stay!

Discover our tips for translating your welcome booklet into several languages.

How to translate the elements of

your StyQR welcome booklet ?

Start by creating your StyQR welcome booklet clic here.

The easiest way to do this is to first configure your entire booklet in French. Once the configuration is done, you will have to go to Premium

to access the translation features.

On the “Your booklets” page, click on the booklet to edit it.

On each text area, you can click on the “+” flag to add a translation language. In addition to French, 7 languages are available: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

You can then either write the translation yourself if you are comfortable in the language concerned, or click on “Generate an automatic translation” if you want us to do it for you!

Thus, the text areas to be translated are in :
– Booklet Info
– Wifi module (if you use a hotspot)
– Digicode Module
– Useful Numbers Module
– Practical Info Module
– Guestbook Module

All other elements of the booklet will be automatically translated.

How does it work

for your travelers

If you have an compte StyQR Premium

and your booklet has been translated, your travelers will access your welcome booklet directly in the default language of their web browser.

If their language has not been configured, then English will be the default language.

The basic elements of the booklet (interface, module names…) will be automatically translated, without requiring any action from you.

You want to test the translation of your booklet? To do so, change the default language of your phone (in Settings > General…) or of your web browser (Chrome, Safari…), then access your booklet through the URL link or the QR Code.

Now you have all the cards in hand to create your digital and multilingual welcome booklet!

It’s up to you 😉

Create your welcome booklet !

How to customize the look of your welcome booklet?

As you probably already know, “you only have one chance to make a good first impression”. So take care of your travelers’ welcome, from the very first minutes!

A welcome booklet is good.
A digital welcome booklet with StyQR is better!
A StyQR digital welcome booklet, customized to your image, is WAOUH!

Prepare your welcome booklet in advance, and customize it to your image: colors, background, fonts… Discover how to customize your StyQR digital welcome booklet.

How to customize

your welcom booklet ?

Start by creating your StyQR welcome booklet clic here.

Configure your booklet: fill in the information of the booklet (title, subtitle, address of the place). Choose and fill in the information of the modules of your choice (Wifi code, digicodes, good addresses, useful numbers…).

Once this is done, you will access the “Customization” tab. You will then be able to choose between many pre-established themes (nature, mountain, sea, forest, big cities…).

To access a customization (with your own image, colors and fonts of your choice), you must first validate your booklet.

In your administrator area, you should choose our formule Premium. You can then come back and edit your booklet to change its appearance.

The personalization


Edit your booklet, go to the Customization tab, then click on the “custom” symbol.

First choose your background: with a color or an image. If you choose an image, it must not exceed 750 Kb.

Then choose your fonts from the drop-down list.

Finally, select the colors of your choice. You can also play with the opacity of the colors.

Make sure that the elements of your booklet are well readable (colors, opacity…).

You will be able to see in real time the preview of the personalization of your booklet. If you want to test your booklet in real conditions, save your changes and access your booklet via the URL link or the QR Code with your smartphone.

Now you have all the cards in hand to create your own personalized digital welcome booklet!

It’s up to you 😉

Create you welcome booklet