Going on vacation with children is often a headache. But let’s not talk about going on vacation with a baby! You need a ton of equipment, and finding the right place to go can be a real obstacle course! We’ll help you stand out from the crowd with these baby-friendly features.

1. What baby equipment do you offer?

There’s a wide range of equipment for babies. But the main ones are :

  • An umbrella bed
  • A high chair
  • A cradle (for toddlers)
  • A protective barrier for stairs (if you have one)

You can find all this equipment on resale sites such as Vinted, or on Ikea – there’s no need to spend a fortune! The important thing is that the equipment is functional, not new.

If you want to go further, you can also suggest :

  • A toilet reducer
  • Baby cutlery
  • A few toys and stuffed animals

It’s up to you!

2. The benefits for you

There are two major advantages (although they both boil down to the same thing: earning a little more money):

  • By including a photo of the equipment in your ad , you can reassure some parents and give them the incentive to book with you. This means you’ll get additional bookings.
  • You can offer these facilities for hire (especially for hotels) and therefore charge a supplement on the nightly rate.

So, with a lower investment, you win in the long run!

Now that you know everything, it’s time to book more! And if you want to go further, we also have an article on
welcoming children
in a rental!