Your digital welcome booklet in Montpellier

Your digital welcome booklet
in Montpellier

Test the welcome booklet - Montpellier

Welcome to Montpellier
the city of sunshine

Montpellier is a city of sun, festivities and good humour. As well as its medieval architecture, which gives it a crazy character, the city is dynamic, lively and full of surprises.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture or just looking for a lively, fun city to explore, it’s a must-visit destination in the south of France.

Montpellier and
its entertainment

First of all, let’s start with the really fun part of this city. It’s well known for its student life and lively nightlife. The city centre is packed with bars and restaurants. We recommend Le Panis and Broc Café. And if you’re looking for a good Sunday morning brunch, Tartine et Sac à Dos is the place to be. But Montpellier’s charm also lies in its paillotes. Tested and approved by StyQr; La Pampa, le Bambou and l’Effet mer. They’re all just outside the city centre, so don’t be afraid to stray a little 😉.

Are you a fan of live music? Then you’ve come to the right place. Many festivals are organised during the summer, including the Radio France Occitanie Festival and the Printemps des Comédiens.

Looking for nature and discovery? Then you’ve come to the right place 😉. Whether you’re in lazy mode on a sandy beach or adventurous with its hikes with panoramic views over the city, there’s plenty to do here too. Try the Pic Saint Loup hike and discover an exceptional panorama.

not to be missed

Finally, you can’t spend any time in the City of Sunshine without visiting its must-sees.

We’ll start with the heart of the city, the Place de la Comédie and the Charles de Gaulle esplanade. It’s cult, unmissable and unmissable. From there, you’re in the right place to take the main boulevards and head for the Écusson district, Montpellier’s old town. It’s 80% pedestrianised, so it’s very easy to stroll around. Don’t miss rue de l’Ancien Courrier. It’s narrow, cobbled and full of shops.

Its Arc de Triomphe, which is no match for its Parisian brother 😉 stands at the end of the famous Avenue Foch.

The Peyrou promenade starts beneath the Arc. It’s an exceptional park with a beautiful view of the sea. It really is the place to come to relax and enjoy the fine weather.

If you make a stop at the Jardin des Plantes, you’re bound to discover one of the city’s most impressive buildings: the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre.

not to be missed

In a completely different style, the Antigone neighbourhood will give you the impression that you’ve moved to another city. But not at all! Its originality lies in its architecture, which is completely different from the rest of the city.

Speaking of neighbourhoods, the Saint-Roch and Saint-Anne districts are right next door and are packed with small bars, art galleries and street artists. It’s lively and friendly, just the way we like it.

and discoveries

And to end our visit on a cultural note, take a trip to the famous Musée Fabre. It’s particularly renowned for its beauty and its breathtaking collection of works. In fact, we’ve got a little tip for you! The museum is free every first Sunday of the month, so make the most of it!

Our visit to Montpellier ends here.

As you know, StyQr is based in Montpellier so naturally it was a joy to write about our beautiful city 😊.

If you’d like to find out more we’ve put together a full welcome booklet. Take a look!

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Your digital welcome booklet in Tokyo

Your digital welcome booklet
in Tokyo

Test the welcome booklet - Tokyo

Welcome to Tokyo
the river gate

Tokyo is the largest city in the world. Impressive by its size, its technology and the number of inhabitants per square meter, it will not leave you indifferent. A total change of scenery guaranteed.

A city
with many facets

Between modernity and tradition, Tokyo knows how to maintain the charm and attraction of its walls. Numerous districts are side by side without looking the same. You can go from a hyper modern district with its buildings and screens to a district with traditional houses and temples.

This is what makes the magic of this city.

Walking around
in the neighborhoods

Shibuya is one of the liveliest districts of the capital. It is in its center that is located the famous crossroads often compared to Time Square. On the other hand, Asakusa is one of the oldest and most traditional districts of the city. You will be able to come and contemplate the Senso-ji temple which is the biggest and oldest in Tokyo.

These two districts are a must-see because of their differences. Many other districts exist and are also to be discovered. The most important thing when you come to Tokyo is to think about an itinerary because unfortunately the city is so big that you will not be able to see everything in one time.

Don't miss
the must-sees

As a must-see also you can discover the Tokyo Tower. Their equivalent (in bigger) of our Eiffel Tower. The view from the top is very nice. You can admire all Tokyo but also Mount Fuji. And the gardens of the imperial palace. Only a small part of the gardens is open to the public.

It is a real place of calm and serenity in the middle of this gigantic megalopolis. It is really impressive to see how carefully they are maintained, do not miss it. The royal palace is only open a few days a year like the rest of the gardens.

However, be prepared for a very long wait as many Japanese people look forward to these dates as well. Take the time to discover the Ghibli Museum. It is out of the way and the places go very fast so don’t hesitate to plan it in advance. No improvisation for this place.

Manga, Cosplay
video game

Japan is also the stereotypical country of video games, manga and anime and for good reason, an entire district is dedicated to this universe! The district of Akihabara is the paradise of the fans of this universe! We don’t use the word geek to not offend anyone 😉.

Take the opportunity to go there on Saturday, although very lively the street is pedestrian so much more accessible. The really cool experience of this area is to play arcade games and then go for a drink in a Cosplay cafe and discover a whole new world.

Visit the
TeamLab Bordeless exhibition

If you have the opportunity, come and visit TeamLab Borderless. It’s a completely digital exhibition that represents the progress of Japanese technology. It’s a total immersion in colors and shapes. Really cool to do with kids.

Discover the local

Finally let’s talk about gastronomy to conclude this article. The Ginza district is another very lively district of Tokyo. You will find there many stores and restaurants of all cultures.

Of course you should definitely try the street food stands in the markets. This is where you will get a real taste of the local food. Don’t miss the famous fish market in Tsujiki. You can taste the fish from these stalls in the small restaurants around.

Tokyo is another world, another culture, a real discovery. Whether you go there for 3 days or for a whole week, you will be amazed.

We hope that this article has given you the desire to discover the city in your turn. Don’t forget, your booklet is your best asset to highlight the places you, you prefer 😊.

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Your digital welcome booklet in Dubai

Your digital welcome booklet
in Dubai

Test the welcome booklet - Dubai

Welcome to Dubai
the city of gold

Dubai is a particularly rich city that has become very touristy in recent years. It is not full of historical monuments or history since it is a relatively young city but it knows how to make a place for itself. The contrast between Europe, France and Dubai is striking.

We discover a clean city, very safe with a young population of all origins. One can find this American feeling of everything is possible.


Let’s first talk about its historical dimension. Although we can’t compare Dubai to our European cities, you will still find vestiges of the past. The districts of Deira and Bur Dubai are the oldest and most traditional districts of Dubai.

It is particularly interesting to discover the Dubai museum. It shows what life was like before the discovery of oil and you will see that it was very different.

The souks
and mosques

Enjoy discovering its different souks and especially its gold souk. It is unusual and different from the image that we can have of oriental souks.

The old Dubai in its entirety is to be discovered. If you have to select only one monument to see in this part of the city then choose without hesitation the Imam Hussein mosque. Less known than the Jumeirah mosque but just as beautiful.

The modern

Let’s move on to the Dubai of modern times. Its most famous building: The Burj Khalifa which is none other than the highest building in the world. A good way to estimate the excessiveness of Dubai.
It will be possible for you to go up to the 148th floor to admire the view.

Just at its feet you will find the Dubai Fountain. Do not miss the water show from 6pm. It is magnificent and changes every 30 minutes.


Dubai is also its shopping malls including the Dubai mall which is the largest in the world. It even has a ski slope and a gigantic aquarium. It’s a must see at least once but maybe not in its entirety because it would take you hours!

Unless you are a shopping fan 😉

Walking around

Two relatively nice places to go; the Miracle Garden. A bit out of town, this huge botanical garden gathers more than 40 million flowers. Arches and floral patterns are to be discovered. Very nice place to walk around.

And Global Village which is a big space also outside the city which gathers many restaurants from all over the world as well as attractions and cultural entertainment stands.

The Palm
the artificial island

You can’t come to Dubai without discovering The Palm. You must have heard of it. It is this immense artificial island in the shape of a Palm tree. It gathers many luxury hotels and chic restaurants.

It is pleasant to go there at nightfall because it faces the Atlantis which is all lit up. It is a very beautiful place to admire the sunset.

not to be missed

Finally, there are two places that are not to be missed. The visit in the desert of course. You can go there with a 4×4 or a buggy. It’s up to the preference of each one. It will also be possible for you to choose the excursion with a night in the desert for an additional price. Small advice, if you can make this excursion for the sunset. The panorama is breathtaking.

And to finish in beauty, its beaches. Almost all of Dubai’s beaches are fee-based. You’ll even find beaches that are exclusively for women. Don’t miss a swim at JBR Beach and discover the Marina district which is entirely pedestrian.

As you will have understood, the United States are not the only ones to love and maintain excessiveness, Dubai is definitely an outstanding competitor. We don’t come to Dubai for the same reasons as we would visit Athens for example, but we still leave with a lot of memories.

Do not hesitate to go and discover it, to make your own opinion on the megalopolis of the United Arab Emirates. And above all, fill in your booklet! 😊

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Your digital welcome booklet in Sydney

Your digital welcome booklet
in Sydney

Test the welcome booklet - Sydney

Welcome to Sydney
the Harbour City

This destination on the other side of the world attracts a large number of determined tourists every year. Determined why? Because it takes at least 20 hours of flight to reach Australia.

Nevertheless, you will hardly be disappointed by the trip. We put down today our suitcases in Sydney.

a must-see

Known to all and probably the most famous place in Sydney come and contemplate the famous Sydney Opera House. The opera house is located in a very lively area, the harbour district.

You will find many restaurants, bars and beautiful views. From this part of the city you will also have a beautiful view of the Harbor Bridge. For the most courageous it is possible to climb it.

A little

We continue our visit with the Botanical Garden of Sydney.

It is just next to the Opera House. It is the perfect place to relax and contemplate exotic animals in freedom!

the boat

If you love views, then we really recommend taking a boat tour of the bay.

From the shore you will have a great view of the Opera House, the bridge and the Skyline. Another way to appreciate the Australian megalopolis.

Walk through
the neighborhoods

Back on the mainland, Sydney is made up of many neighborhoods with their own identities.

The Rocks comes to mind. This one is the oldest district of the city with its nice cobbled streets. In another style, the Newton district is really nice. Ideal to stroll around and visit the thrift shops.

The monuments
not to be missed

A little tour of the other monuments of Sydney now. The Sydney Tower first of all is really nice at sunset. It offers you a 360° view on the city.

Also go and discover the Saint Mary’s Cathedral of Sydney. It is the biggest cathedral of the city. You will find it very close to the botanical garden and the Hyde park (Yes the same name as the one in London 😉 ).

Take some time
on the beach

Finally, let’s talk a little about the beaches that surround Sydney.

We start with the most known: Bondi beach. It is the beach where you want to walk, take surf lessons and work on your tan. Particularly popular with tourists as well as locals it is a must.
From here you can go for a walk that will take you to the beach of Bronte. It is a particularly pleasant walk. Take the opportunity to swim in the ocean pool and enjoy the view.

But if you come to Sydney you will quickly realize that you have a lot of choice in terms of beaches. We advise you to go and discover the Manly beach. It is located opposite Bondi beach, in the north-east of the city. It is a little the same state of mind that has Bondi beach. Small cafes and restaurants, surfers and fine sand. Perfect combo to feel like you’re on vacation.

Visit the
Blues Mountains Park

Finally let’s end this article on a wilder note. If you have the time and the possibility then go and discover the Blues Mountains National Park. The park is open all year round. You will find restaurants and shelters if you want to spend several days there.

It is the perfect place for nature lovers. Hiking, biking, canyoning, abseiling. You will surely find an activity to your liking.

Also take the time to appreciate the 30 points of interest in the park. You will find maps and more explanations within the park.

This article from the other side of the world ends here. There is a lot to discover so go and find out, and don’t forget to update your booklet 😉

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Your digital welcome booklet in Montreal

Your digital welcome booklet
in Montreal

Test the welcome booklet - Montreal

Welcome to Montreal
the Amsterdam of North America

What comes up a lot when we talk about Canada and Montreal more precisely is the state of mind of the people. Their kindness and friendliness can seem very far from our French habits. There is a general air of good living.

As far as visits are concerned, Montreal is a city full of charm and full of places to discover.

the city

The best way to discover Montreal is really on foot. It gives you the opportunity to stroll through its different neighborhoods and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of this city.

Of course, if you prefer to take transportation, it is possible. The city is very well served by public transportation, whether it be by bike, bus, metro or cab.

Take a walk in the
Mount Royal district

Let’s zoom in on the different neighborhoods of Montreal, many of them are worth discovering because each one shows a different facet of this colorful city.

The Mont-Royal district is particularly famous, lively and touristy, you will find small stores and good restaurants. There is also a lot of street art for street art lovers. The park of the same name is ideal to attend gatherings. It is always full of life and is one of the most frequented meeting places for different artistic events. From here you will have a beautiful view of the city.

Go to the Tower of Montreal. It is 165m high and you will have to take a funicular to get there. It offers you a 360 view on the whole city.

the old town

Old Montreal is an iconic neighborhood. Here you will feel like you are in Europe with its architecture worthy of the Parisian buildings. Many places of interest are located in this district.

One thinks in particular of the Notre Dame de Montréal basilica or the Place Jacques Cartier and the Saint Paul street and its stores. You will have understood, it is also a particularly lively district.

a sunset

One of the most beautiful sunsets in the city can be found in René Lévesque Park. In the same spirit, the Saint Joseph oratory will also offer you one of the most beautiful views of the city.

As you can see, there is no shortage of places to admire the city!

the underground

The big originality of the Canadian city is that you can also visit it underground!

It is the only known city that can boast of having fully developed underground passages.

to be bored

For entertainment lovers, this is the city to go to. Between the music festivals, gastronomy, cinema and much more, there is really something for everyone!

For lovers of water sports and sensations, this time go to the old port.
You will find jet skiing, water skiing, excursions on the rapids. Many activities are also available for children. Like the discovery of the biodome, the botanical garden and the insectarium or the planetarium.

In short, Montreal is a city for all generations and for all tastes. It is so rich in experiences and discoveries that it can satisfy everyone. Whether you spend 2 days or a week here, you will never be bored.

We hope to have given you a taste for adventure with this article and above all don’t forget to fill your booklet with all the good addresses you like! 😊

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Your digital welcome booklet in New York

Your digital welcome booklet
in New York

Test the welcome booklet - New York

Welcome to New York
the city that never sleeps

New York is the very definition of difference, diversity, cultural and social mix. Coming to New York is always an upheaval, whether it is positive or negative.

This city is not for everyone, but it is still a city to visit once in a lifetime.

for the shock

So for people who are not used to the city, the American business capital is bound to be a shock. Yes, it is big, crowded and noisy. We rub shoulders with countless people that we will never cross paths with again and who don’t even see us. But besides that, it is also a huge cultural enrichment, the promise of all kinds of activities at any time of the day.

Neighborhoods full of history, iconic places, world-famous monuments and a passion for coffee and hamburgers.

I propose that we go together to discover a city that we at StyQR are particularly fond of.

Practical information
to visit

A practical point before the beginning of the visit, we advise you to take a city pass. It will allow you to visit 3 to 5 places at more affordable prices than if you decide to take each ticket independently.

as a viewpoint

New York is above all its buildings that touch the sky. Depending on the one you choose you will have a different view.

For example, if you choose to climb to the top of the Empire State Building you will have a central view of the city. If you choose to climb to the top of the Rock then you will have a beautiful view of the Empire State Building and Central Park.

Finally if you choose one of the observatories on the sides of the city like the Edge or to the south like the One World Observatory then you will also have in addition to a view of a part of New York, a view of New Jersey just across the Hudson.

and history

The Twin Towers Memorial is a solemn and historic place to visit.

There is a calm and emotion that you will not find anywhere else in this city.

through the neighborhoods

If you’re looking for a real immersion in New York life, take a stroll through the different neighborhoods of the city.

Whether it’s around Hell’s Kitche, Greenwhich village or Soho to the south or the more upscale Upper East and Upper West side neighborhoods that are on either side of Central Park.

You’ll find yourself saying several times “oh but it’s like in the movies”. And it’s true, that’s really what it’s like.

The Times Square

Of course, you can’t miss Time Square, a very famous and touristy place.

It is from an adjacent street that you can discover the theaters housing all the Broadway shows.

and gardens

For those who are worried about the lack of greenery, don’t worry. Of course you can’t miss Central Park, and you shouldn’t!

Discovering the Belvedere Castle, the Turtle Lake or Shakespeare’s old amphitheater is part of the visit of this iconic park.

But that’s not all, if you want a park a little spared from the tourist influx, take a walk in Riverside park. It runs along the entire city from Wall Street to the Bronx and you’ll have a great view of the Hudson River.

Finally, you can walk along the High Line which will lead you to Chelsea Market. It’s the perfect place to buy food and discover small artisan stands. It’s a very nice place to go.


Discover Brooklyn and more particularly the neighborhood of Williamsburg. Very famous for its delicious brunches and its Street Art. Brooklyn is really another version of New-York.

One could sometimes believe that we are in another city. The best way to get to Brooklyn is to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the breathtaking view of downtown.

Do it at night if you have the chance, it’s exceptional.

sports fans

Finally, you will have understood that New York is a state of mind, a way of life and a passion for sports. So if you are there for one of the seasons, attend a basketball game at Madison Square Garden, no need to see an NBA game to appreciate the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the fans.

Or if you prefer baseball go to Yankee stadium to support the team. Just be prepared because we were surprised, a baseball game can last 4 hours.

A vacation

And to end on a lazy vacation note, head to Coney Island. It’s the epitome of a waterfront theme park.

Enjoy an ice cream, ride the roller coaster or get a tan on the beach. Either way, your day is bound to be a success.

One last piece of advice before you leave, New York traffic can be very intense and stressful. The city is extremely well served by subways and buses. Just take a metrocard for simplicity’s sake and you are equipped to navigate the city.

We hope this article has been as helpful to you as it was to us when we discovered the city. Don’t hesitate to use it to enrich your welcome booklet and give you ideas for a next trip 😉.

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Your digital welcome booklet in Barcelona

Your digital welcome booklet
in Barcelona

Test the welcome booklet - Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona
the city of Gaudí

Barcelona is a young, student and particularly lively city. It combines all the things you love most (normally).

A lifestyle to make many swoon, sunshine all year round and food to die for. If so far you agree with us, then we’ll keep going 😉.

the pretty districts

It is truly a city of many faces, each neighborhood has a story to tell and discover.

The neighborhoods of El Born and Montjuic are less touristy, but they too are full of places not to be missed.


Its monuments are all more surprising than the others. The Sagrada Familia is an original piece of architecture and history, the unfinished work of its architect.

Then, the very famous Guell Park. There again, amazing architecture and colors with a view on the heights of the city, it is atypical and original. It is out of the classical monuments and we love it.

You will also have the possibility of discovering the numerous facades drawn by Gaudi. The houses are generally visitable but foresee a rather important waiting time.

A very nice point of view also if you want to admire the city from above: El Bunker del Carmel.

The old

Strolling in the old town, strolling in its small streets, is also the discovery of a city. And it must be said that the old town of Barcelona is very pretty!

Do not hesitate to make a small detour by the plaça Reial to discover its pretty palm trees.

on the Ramblas

Here we no longer speak of a small street but rather 1.2 km long. Las Ramblas, the most famous avenue in Barcelona.

It is famous for its small shops, its flower stalls and its tourist craze. One can say that it is the heart of the city.

Good addresses
to eat and drink

What if we talk about food and gastronomy? As good French people we boast about our gastronomy, and we are right. But being a good player we have to admit that Spanish food is something.

Some good addresses just for you: Tapas Season and La Tasqueta de Blai. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you thought of them!

Finally, don’t forget to visit the Boqueria market. It is rich in colors and flavors!

The Catalan capital is a jewel of culture and wealth. You’re bound to find something that appeals to you.

If you want to discover even more, the StyQR team has created a booklet on the city of Barcelona with a lot more information and good addresses, go and have a look!

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Your digital welcome booklet in Istanbul

Your digital welcome booklet
in Istanbul

Test the welcome booklet - Istanbul

Welcome to Istanbul
the city of Constantinople

One would not necessarily put Istanbul in the category of particularly touristy cities. And yet that’s where we’re wrong.

Nestled in the hollow of Europe, on the edge of the Orient, Istanbul is a capital city full of authenticity and richness. One is always particularly surprised by the cohabitation of the two worlds which constitutes the current city. The vestiges of the past rub shoulders with the growing evolution of this cosmopolitan city.

I suggest that we discover the must-sees together.

the basilica

The Basilica of Saint Sophia, an iconic monument of the capital. It represents all the complexity of this city and its history. Basilica at its creation, it became a mosque then a museum to become again at the time of today a mosque.

Its architecture is breathtaking and the frescoes that cover the interior walls will transport you back in time.

Small tips, plan to go early enough if you want to avoid the queue at the entrance because even if it is now permanently open we still find hours of high attendance.

To marvel at
at the palace

The visit continues with the Topkapi Palace. It is located on a large esplanade overlooking the Sea of Maramara and the Bosphorus.

If you want to make a complete visit of the palace we advise you to block a whole day. You will have to buy a ticket for each building, the palace, the harem or the treasure room. From the esplanade you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city.


We arrive then on one of our favorite monuments at StyQR: The Blue Mosque. It is breathtaking both outside and inside.
You can discover all the blue mosaics that gave it its name. Its visit is allowed outside the prayer hours and also the entrance is free.

An emblematic

We will finish the emblematic monuments of the city with the mosque of Soliman the Magnificent. It is a masterpiece.
Located on a hill, it overlooks the city of all its grandeur. It is moreover from there that you will have an impregnable sight on the Golden Horn and the tower of Galata

Strolling through
at the market

Let’s go now to the lively districts of Istanbul and the famous Grand Bazaar. It is the Ali Baba’s cave in the true sense of the word!
Being the largest covered market in the East it is possible to find everything you want and much more! Do not hesitate to compare and negotiate prices, many sellers will offer you the same items.

In a more realistic size you can also go to the spice bazaar which is very close to the Galata tower.

Here you will find a little more food (and spices) than in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul so take the opportunity to do some tasting 😉.

Visit the modern

Finally Istanbul is also a whole European part and completely opposite the historical center. To discover this part, you will have to go to the Taksim district. It is typically in this corner of the city that you will find your Western references.

Famous clothes stores, men in suits coming out of their office buildings, chic restaurants and cafes. After visiting a preserved Istanbul, it may seem surprising to find yourself in the midst of this fervor of modernity. This is also the charm of this European capital.

Discover the Asian

Finally, don’t forget that Istanbul has a whole Asian side on the other side. It is the only one that can boast of being spread over two continents, Europe and Asia.

A cool fact, this area is much less touristy and yet just as interesting as its western sidekick. Take the opportunity to discover the Beylerbeyi Palace or take a walk to the Leander Tower.

Our tour of Istanbul ends with these words. The originality and the atmosphere of this city seduced us. We hope to have aroused your curiosity with this article 🙂

Do not hesitate to use this article to fill your digital welcome booklet and in return if you have good addresses, we are always takers! 😉

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Your digital welcome booklet in London

Your digital welcome booklet
in London

Test the welcome booklet - London

Welcome to London
the "world city"

London is probably one of the most visited European capitals.

Rightly so, whether you are particularly attracted by the history of the British monarchy, their atypical gastronomy or just by their accent, it is in the British capital that you can satisfy your curiosity.

Its historical

London also attracts people for its particularly remarkable historical monuments. Our preference is of course for Big Ben, the gigantic clock located in the heart of London, but we have to admit that Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace are also remarkable.

They can be visited, you just have to take your tickets in advance.

Strolling through the streets
of his favorite movies

For Harry Potter fans, and not only of course, this is where you will find the famous King’s Cross station. In the same spirit but for the fans of Paddington Bear this time it is also here that you will find the district that bears his name, the station and its giant statue inside. The Paddington district is particularly lively and full of traditional pubs, for English beer lovers in particular 😉.

If you walk in this district, you will inevitably come across Hyde Park. It is the biggest park in London. If you cross it from Paddington you will find yourself in the very chic Knightsbridge district and in front of the famous Harrods department store.

The two

Now let’s go to the other side of London to talk about two particularly famous places, London Bridge and London Tower.

It is here that you can discover the jewels of the crown.

not to be missed

If we go back to the heart of the city, you will absolutely have to make a detour to its particularly well known districts that are Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.

A very lively shopping area in the heart of the Westminster district.

Not to mention
Camden Town

Finally, to finish with the districts of London, we take the opportunity to remind you that this is not an exhaustive list and that all districts deserve to be visited, let’s talk about Camden Town.

It is probably the most atypical place you can find in the capital. Particularly known for its huge market and its food stalls from all over the world, this gothic-sounding district is also full of small independent designer stores, souvenir stores or tattoo artists.

We advise you to go there especially for the originality of the place. All the store fronts are worked, decorated and particularly colored.

Even more
to discover

Finally, for those who are more in search of activities, gastronomic discoveries or traditional and artisanal pubs, you will be satisfied.

The English charm will probably seduce you no matter what makes you vibrate. We choose to make your mouth water a little, especially with this last part because there is so much to discover that we urge you to make your own unforgettable discoveries.

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Your digital welcome booklet in Lyon

Your digital welcome booklet
in Lyon

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Welcome to Lyon
the city of lights

Lyon is particularly known for its Festival of Lights. A young and culturally rich city, it has a lot to offer.

or rediscover Lyon

If you come to visit Lyon for a short or long stay, you will not be disappointed.

Visit its must-see sites such as the Notre-Dame de Fourvière Cathedral or the Halles Paul Bocuse.

If you prefer to visit museums, then you will find your happiness there too. We can say that Lyon has many particularly original museums. One thinks in particular of the Museum of Miniatures and Cinema or the Museum of Fabrics.

Are you a fan of history and more particularly of the Gallo-Roman culture?

Guess what! You will find here one of the biggest museums dedicated to the Gallo-Roman culture. It’s a good thing you decided to come to Lyon.

Good addresses
to eat and drink

You like to go out, have a drink or eat well? You will get along well with the StyQR team because we are the same! If you are hungry? Or a big hunger?

In Lyon, only good addresses! Brasserie Georges for a good meal, Slake Coffée House for a good brunch on Sunday morning or have a drink at the bar Le Bosquet in a bucolic setting!

Are you hungry? Or a big hunger?

Well, there is no lack of restaurants to choose from. In all the districts you will find something to put under the tooth. Even if you don’t have much time or if you’re more of a fast-food person, we recommend the food trucks!

Very trendy and very good! Our favorites are Rocket’s and Le sous-marin Jaunebut don’t hesitate to discover others in the city!

for everyone

Are you a shopping enthusiast like us? Perfect!

Numerous shopping centers throughout the city will satisfy all your desires. La Part Dieu or the Confluence shopping center are our favorites.

The festival
of lights

Finally, as we say the best for the end, if you have the chance to visit Lyon at the right time don’t miss the festival of lights.

Nationally renowned, it is an absolutely breathtaking show. You will never be disappointed because every year it’s a new decor, a new theme, a new atmosphere.

Our little tour of Lyon ends here, with some must-sees and good addresses.
Don’t hesitate to discover them and add them to your booklet!

By the way, the StyQR team has created a typical booklet of the city, take a look at it if you need ideas, or by curiosity 😉!

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