It’s true that you can put photos on booking platforms. But what could be better than creating a page dedicated to your rental on social networks? We explain in detail why this is important for you.

1. Why is this important?

In recent years, social networks, and Instagram in particular, have become the new search engines. When you want to try out a restaurant, one of your first reflexes is to check out its photos on Instagram. The same goes for rentals!

Having a dedicated page on the networks allows you to do two things: present the life of your rental and more easily exchange with potential and former customers. You can upload photos, add those taken by your customers and describe more things to them than on a rental platform.

2. Which social network to focus on?

As mentioned above, most searches take place on Instagram. So start with this network! Here you can share photos, videos, links to potential bookings and private message discussions.

It’s a great showcase for your rental! But your page must be clear and complete.

Here’s the information to include: the name of the rental, the location (not the exact address), the link to a platform or your booking site and your name.

As far as photos and videos are concerned, they have to be of high quality: a blurry photo won’t attract anyone. Take the time to take photos according to the seasons, for example. Liven things up by inserting people, yourself or customers if they agree.

You can let your customers know that you have an Instagram page and encourage them to tag you or use your hashtag. For example, you could use: #locationname.

When writing the text of your ad on booking platforms, don’t hesitate to give the name of your Instagram page, so customers can discover your world.

To help you, here’s an example: @lagrangedubonheur,

So, do you want to get started on Instagram? Don’t hesitate, it’s free and can be very profitable!