Kipli is the mattress made from natural materials for healthy, eco-friendly bedding. ?

Even today, 90% of hotel mattresses in Europe are made from synthetic materials, which are polluting and harmful.

Yes, 70% are likely to book an accommodation that has taken eco-responsible measures . ?

Kipli THE mattress everyone chooses

Did you know? On average, a traveler stays in an accommodation for 1 to 2 nights maximum.
And yes, unlike the customer who gets used to his bed, chooses his mattress according to his preferences and size. We’re all the same, we all do it because sleeping well is essential! ?

Of course, hotels, B&Bs and B&Bs want you to be happy with the mattress they offer.
With its natural latex, its resilience combines a soft welcome with firm support, and above all, it adapts to the sleeper! ?

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A beautiful, hygienic, breathable mattress

Yes, travelers pass through our accommodations frequently and close together.
Thanks to Kipli you have mattresses that adapt to humidity or temperature variations . ?

This is where natural latex comes into its own once again! With its impeccable ventilation and perforated cells.

What’s more, you can have a highly breathable mattress.

Of course, it’s naturally anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial, removable and machine washable! ?

The Kipli mattress designed for bed and breakfast establishments

Kipli mattresses are tough and durable

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Given its price, it’s important that the mattress guarantees optimum durability. ?

In addition to being both environmentally friendly and economical, natural latex protects pocket springs thanks to its high elasticity!

Yes, the comfort, density and thickness of the mattress are retained, even after many years of use! ?

Exceptional materials

As you know, the end customer is looking for authenticity above all else!

What’s the first thing you look at when buying a mattress? For 92%, it’s substances that are hazardous to health, and for 85%, it has to be manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way. ?

And that’s not all! 77% choose a mattress according to its comfort, and 55% according to its composition. ?

This mattress, made from natural materials, produced in short circuits and eco-responsible, is winning over more and more customers! With Kipli, you stand out from the crowd, maximize accommodation bookings, improve customer satisfaction and boost customer ratings ?

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