Asia is the flagship destination for 2024. Every year, some destinations stand out from the crowd and become travelers’ darlings. This year, we’re heading to the other side of the planet to take in the sights.
Reputed to be a more affordable destination than others, this continent offers a wide range of options. Depending on your desires and your budget, you can easily travel to Asia. In Asian countries, food is particularly affordable. With the lower cost of currency, you’ll have access to a number of activities and excursions without draining your savings 😊.
The only thing to bear in mind when planning a trip to Asia is the rainy season. It’s usually hot between June and October, but you’re more likely to get a torrential downpour when visiting a temple or enjoying a cocktail on the beach!

1. South Asian destinations

Thailand with Bangkok, the city of angels. This capital is extremely popular with travellers, as it offers easy access to the surrounding islands, jungles and countries. But also the very famous Phuket and its sandy beaches.

Indonesia, with one of its best-known islands, Bali. But that’s not all. Don’t hesitate to make excursions to other islands in the archipelago, such as Java, the largest island and home to the capital Jakarta, or Lombok and New Guinea.

Sri Lanka, a small country just off the coast of India, will live up to all its promises in terms of scenery. Between jungles, arid plains and endless beaches, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Malaysia: This is our favorite country at StyQR. A little less known country in general, but a true Asian gem. The area is a melting pot of history and culture. Manydifferent influences, Asian, Chinese and Indian. There’s plenty of culture too, with many temples open to visitors. It really is a multi-faceted country.

2. East Asian destinations

China, an extraordinary country in terms of size, culture and history. Travelling in China is a complete change of scenery. If you choose to move away from the big cities such as Beijing or Hong Kong, you’ll be faced with a completely different panorama. Rice paddies as far as the eye can see, countryside still steeped in ancestral traditions and poignantly authentic.

Japan, cradle of oversized, advanced technology. Of course, Tokyo is an obligatory stop if you choose to make the no less than 14-hour flight to discover this country. But then again, like China, don’t be afraid to plan a road trip into the interior of Japan, if time allows, to discover villages less affected by the tourist craze, or to head for the middle of the country, to the town of Kyoto and discover all its temples.

Of course, this list of Asia is not exhaustive and covers only a small part of what Asia has to offer. Don’t hesitate to tell us in comments where and when you’re going 😉

So when do you book your plane ticket?