Furnishing a second home is not always easy. You want to decorate it and make it comfortable without breaking the bank? We give you all our tips to give it a unique charm at low cost!

1/ On internet

1. Rakuten

This site of resale will be one of your gold mines to find furniture and decoration. Here you can buy and sell in complete security. A way to upcycle and find pieces you won’t find elsewhere.

2. Le bon coin

The site has been revamped and offers simplified shipping. Secure payment has also been enhanced and you can search geographically. This way, you can go and see the furniture before you buy it. An application is even available!

3. Vinted

This one, we recommend it especially for decoration. You will find small vintage pieces very affordable. And yes! Since a few months, Vinted proposes a home category. Mug, tablecloth, plates, lamps… everything is there! What we love to look for? Beautiful vintage plates for a colorful kitchen with character.

2/ Directly with the merchants

If buying on the internet doesn’t really tempt you, if you like to look at the product from every angle, don’t panic! Indeed, it is possible to furnish yourself for almost nothing without going too far from your home.

1. Emmaüs

Who doesn’t know  Emmaüs ? They have warehouses everywhere and not only do they allow you to furnish yourself cheaply, but they also get rid of your old furniture!

2. Flea markets and garage sales

Find out about flea markets and yard sales in your city. Find out more about the fleas which usually take place every day in a fixed place. It’s the best way to meet merchants and submit your wishes if you are looking for a particular piece of furniture.

If you know how to bargain, this is the best place to find little nuggets for nothing.

3. Take advantage of the sales

One of the easiest techniques, if you have time to store, is to wait for the sales. Wait for the second or third markdown to be sure to pay the least amount possible.

If not, you can also opt for display products. They are usually cheaper than the others. Also ask if the store has a “defective” section with discounted products that you can easily rework if you are a handyman.


4. Boulinier, Gibert...

A little extra for your apartment? A small library for your guests. Or a decoration with stacked books. For this, no need to buy new books, take a trip to a resale store like Boulinier or Gibert. You will find books for less than a euro!

Now you know everything! No more excuses for not furnishing your home with taste. If you still need convincing, don’t forget that it’s better to have an atypical accommodation so that travelers talk about you. It is not by going to a big chain store or by having a smooth decoration that you will succeed!