In 2020, we were deprived of the mild winter months in the mountains. Our favorite cottage was closed and we were confined. In short, nothing was going right! But this year, it’s time to double your pleasure. And what better way to do that than with winter activities?

1. Winter activities you can do on your own

It’s easy to enjoy the snow and beautiful winter scenery on your own, here are the best activities:

  • Board sports: skiing, snowboarding …
  • Enjoy the pool or sauna
  • Test the
    cold baths
  • Treat yourself at the restaurant: no one to judge you with your raclette and its extras…
  • Tryice climbing: an unforgettable experience
  • Go for a ride
    fat bike
  • Finally, take to the skies on a flying trip or try your hand at paragliding!

We often limit ourselves to snow sports, but as you can see, there are many other winter activities to enjoy on your own!

2. Those for groups

As well as skiing together, which is one of our favourite activities, here’s a short list of what you can do this year:

  • Snowshoe hikes: for young and old alike
  • Dog sled rides: ideal for a romantic getaway
  • Outdoor skating: for young and old, but with an extra view!
  • Ice fishing: an activity offered in some resorts that will test your patience!
  • For thrills and spills: try snow rafting– but be careful, hang on tight!
  • Finally, for bikers at heart, you can plan a snowmobile excursion.
  • We almost forgot! You can’t leave the resort without a snowball fight and a snowman contest!

For those who are never cold, you can also plan a camping trip. It’s a delight to wake up to in the morning!

So which activity do you choose? It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to book a multi-day stay and do everything at once. Go on a
several times during the winter and get the most out of it!