Hey, you intrepid nomadic worker, you’re always on the lookout for the next cool spot to set down your computer and conquer the world, aren’t you? Well, hotels understand your fast-paced lifestyle and are ready to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

1. Top equipment

We all know that a slow Wi-Fi connectionis like running out of caffeine in the middle of the afternoon: it’s unacceptable! Hotels have got the message and equipped their coworking spaces with exceptionally fast wi-fi. They’ve also thought of the rest, with ergonomic desks, power outlets galore and even comfortable armchairs to give you that “working from the sofa” feeling. Enough to make even Silicon Valley start-up offices jealous!

2. Offers that knock your socks off

Who said business travel had to be boring? Certainly not us! Hotels are there to offer crazy deals that will make you forget you’re on a business trip. Special rates for extended stays, all-you-can-eat breakfasts and even discounts on the funniest local activities. And even more personalized attention for mobile workers who are part of the loyalty group.

3. VIP services for World Nomads

Hotels are all about treating mobile workers as well as possible. Need information on what to do in the area or discover the local gastronomy? More and more hotels are offering 24-hour services, so you can be accompanied at any time of day.

4. Un Zeste d'Humour et de Folie

Atmosphere is an integral part of why you love a place, and hotels understand this! Personalized notes in the rooms, networking evenings and day-to-day activities. The hotels really do make the whole stay a real adventure, not just a business trip!

Hotels have realized that attracting mobile workers requires more than just a comfortable bed and a fast Wi-Fi connection. That’s why they’ve pulled out all the stops to create unique, fun experiences to suit your high-energy lifestyle.

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