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Nelson Mandela ‘s house has just been transformed into a luxury hotel. Although the initiative comes from his foundation, which owns it, it has not made everyone happy.

1. An intimate hotel

The hotel is intended to be chic and luxurious, and the aim of this transformation? “To attract world leaders and people wishing to beinspired by this icon, by offering them the opportunity to be immersed in its most intimate environment”.
So we’ve come here not for a tourist trip, but for an immersive experience at the heart of this great man’s life. In fact, there are only 9 rooms available. So you don’t run into crowds of people at breakfast!
Price-wise, we follow the logic of very high-end hotels, with an introductory price of 250 euros rising to 850 euros for the presidential suite.

2. Strong criticism

Unsurprisingly, such an initiative shocked the country. Especially as the foundation’s justification leaves one wondering:“Now, more than ever, at a time when the world needs equal distribution of vaccines to protect lives, Nelson Mandela’s ideals of equality and poverty eradication are needed.”
The South African weekly,
The Continent
which revealed the opening of the hotel, ironizes: “Defending equality and the eradication of poverty, yes, but please do it in… a luxury hotel!”
It’s true that it’s natural to wonder whether such an initiative is in line with the values of the former President of South Africa, who died in 2013…

What do you think of this transformation into a luxury hotel?

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