Homemade food is becoming increasingly popular. It has become a true marker of quality and a popular option for many travelers. So why not take advantage of it?

1. Why homemade?

Since the days of confinement, when everyone
homemade bread and sourdough,
homemade is back in the spotlight. It has become a guarantee of quality that conveys a true environmental notion. Yes, homemade means working with seasonal produce, vegetables and fruit, and loving a job well done.

When we talk about homemade food, we think of our grandmothers behind the stove, their dishes simmering for hours. That’s why this concept is attracting more and more travelers. Also, if you specify in your ad that the breakfast or products in your home are homemade, you’ ll earn points.

It’s also a nice surprise for your travelers, who will be delighted to discover all kinds of more natural products when they enter your home. And a happy customer is one who comes back or speaks positively of you!

2. What to suggest

When you think of homemade food, you immediately think of cooking. But it’s a much broader concept!

For example, you could suggest :

  • soaps
  • blankets or plaids
  • furniture

Anything you make yourself can be enhanced by “homemade”. You’ll give your rental an extra touch of style and be able to generate income from it. Think about it! If your customers like your shower soaps, why shouldn’t they buy them?

When it comes to food, there’s plenty to choose from. You can offer them:

  • cakes
  • honey
  • condiments
  • liqueurs

A little tip: it’s even better when the produce comes from your garden or local producers!

See for yourself! Homemade means a multitude of possibilities. Thanks to this concept, you’ll keep customers coming back for more, and you’ll get good publicity, so go for it! Don’t hesitate to add this notion to your ad or your