It’s your must-have: forget your wallet rather than your smartphone? No judgement, we’re all the same! So what a dread it is to find yourself without battery.
With Stride, say goodbye to this problem! You can enjoy your smartphone all day long without worrying about conserving your battery.

1. What is the concept?

Self-service is developing all around us, and is THE new trend in many areas. Well, Stride is the self-service battery for your smartphone. These portable batteries are available free of charge! You can already find them in over 30 establishments in Montpellier and at events all over France.
Come on, now that we’ve got your attention, let’s develop the concept a bit 😉

2. Strideboxes, Stride what?

These are compact, secure battery dispensers that the Stride team installs directly in your facility. What’s more, they come with 12 batteries to borrow!

How does it work?

From the Stride app, your customers can retrieve a portable battery from the Stridebox in just 2 clicks!

The battery contains several cables adaptable to all smartphones as well as tablets and electronic cigarettes.

Step 1: Once you’ve got your battery back, simply plug it into your device and get on with your day.

Step 2: Once your smartphone is charged, simply drop off the borrowed battery in one of our Strideboxes!

Finally, this service requires no action on your part, and therefore no mobilization of personnel. We’ve thought of everything to make your life easier and more convenient.

3. Customize your Stridebox? It can be done!

Thanks to a customization service, Stride can personalize the stridebox with the colors of your company or premises. A really interesting way of blending her into the background. But it doesn’t stop there: you can also broadcast the messages you want on the Stridebox screen. News messages, videos, events… Whatever you think is important.

Let’s go!
If you’re seduced by this new, ultra-innovative and practical service, get in touch with Stride on our behalf, they’ve got a great team ready to help you :).