Campsites are increasingly popular. However, some people still see them as a bit old-fashioned. So how do you make your campsite attractive to young people? We’ll give you some ideas!

1. Go digital!

We’re not teaching you anything: to attract the new generations, you need a digital presence. This involves 3 essential points:


1/ A website

You don’t have to have the most beautiful or expensive website for your campsite. Here, think simply but strategically. Here’s some practical information about the site, your prices and the activities on offer. You can add a photo gallery and online booking.


2/ A presence on social networks

Free and important, it will enable you to get to know your customers and reach new ones. You can start by creating an Instagram and a Facebook page. Then share live photos, funny anecdotes and customer reviews. Encourage your visitors to post using your account to keep your community alive. Also, if you’re short on time, when you post on Instagram, you have an option to automatically post to Facebook!


3/ A digital welcome booklet

To make your customers feel welcome and build their loyalty, why not opt for a digital welcome booklet ? You’ll be able to integrate all the information that’s essential for your customers, relieving you of many tasks.

2. We add equipment

Here we’re thinking more about the physical part of your campsite. Think of leisure activities and facilities to add or improve to give them the experience they want.

The Internet, for example, is essential, especially if you have foreign customers. If wifi coverage of your entire site isn’t possible, you can imagine a“wifi point” where they can come and connect.

You can also organize a few special evenings, theme evenings or simply invest in a bar with innovative cocktails for the weekend, for example. We can also imagine a room where you can watch the most important matches and meet the other members of the campsite.

You can also rent a barbecue for evenings out with friends. Or a campfire kit (wood, lighter, marshmallows…).

Here, the aim is to innovateand make your campsite atypical, so go wild!

So, are you ready to implement these small changes at your campsite to reach a wider customer base?