What do your travelers look at before booking a stay with you? 🤔
This is THE question to ask yourself if you want to understand what your travelers are up to before you pull out the blue card.

For 42% of travelers, reviews are more important than price. They’re the reason they book their stay with you.
It’s the very 1st contact with your travelers and it’s the first 7 reviews they remember 😉

Good communication for your stay

Social networks

As you know, today social networks are the heart of your communication and the 1st thing your travelers look at to find everything they’re looking for. 😁

Réseaux sociaux

It’s thanks to them that your travelers get comforted with a wanderlust, ✈ by browsing photos, videos and information about your accommodation through Instagram and Facebook.

It’s up to you to publish the most beautiful photos of your rooms and atypical settings to delight your travelers! 🤩


The website

Think of your traveler clicking on your site and looking for the information they need.
The goal is for them to land on your site and for it to be as clear and fluid as possible for them! 😁

Put up content like articles, photos/videos, a blog, so your traveler can find all the information about your accommodation in no time! 🔥

And above all, think about making your site responsive, i.e. a site that adapts to all formats (smartphone, tablet, computer), so your traveler can navigate your site at ease from any support! 😁

The smartphone, the essential holiday accessory


Nowadays, everyone has their smartphone in their pocket or bag, and it’s become so indispensable that it’s immediately noticeable if you forget it.😉
Well, it’s the same for the traveler. His smartphone must be with him throughout his stay and even during booking! 😄

This is the case for 42% of travelers who book a hotel on their smartphone, including 53% of those under 30. 😁

After booking

Once your traveler has booked with you, send them an e-mail to gather as much information as possible before their arrival.

Thanks to it, you’ll know how your traveler will arrive and at what time.
What’s more, the precheck in will already be operational! 🔥
A word of advice: send him the e-mail a day after his reservation, so he’s more likely to reply 😉

Halfway through his stay

Show your traveler that you’re with them even before they arrive!

And just a few days before arrival, your traveler will be delighted to have additional information.

You can suggest activities and your welcome booklet! 🚀


Before his arrival

Thanks to the information you collected in the first e-mail, you know which means of transport your traveler will use to arrive, and at what time.
A week before his arrival, send him an e-mail with all the information about your accommodation!

If he’s coming by train, explain the easiest way to get to your place according to his means of transport, so he can plan ahead. 😉

Of course, if you have a service like Swikly that makes deposits simpler, tell your traveler – they’ll be thrilled to hear the news! 😄