Make your hotel more profitable with daily rooms

You would like your hotel to be more profitable. You thought you had considered all the possibilities: adding a floor, going upmarket… But have you thought about renting your rooms for a few hours during the day? According to Dayuse, it would bring you up to 20% more customers.

Daily rooms :

a new concept

Obviously, the primary function of a hotel is to offer rooms where travelers can spend the night. However, the demand in this environment is not only at night. But the hoteliers did not have the solution nor the organization to manage these additional reservations. During the day, the staff is well present and the services are also available. However, 50% of hotel rooms remain unoccupied during the day. You will have understood, here is a real potential to exploit!

Dayuse :

An innovative platerform

Dayuse is the reference platform for daytime hotel reservations.
With 4 years of experience, Dayuse has created an innovative service to further exploit the potential of hotels.
It allows the rental of rooms in establishments from 3 to 5 stars, with a reduced price (compared to the nightly rate) by applying up to 70% discount.
This way, the customer is satisfied to find a flexible solution at an advantageous price, and the hotelier can make a real profit by renting the rooms during low activity periods.

For who ?

By joining this concept, you can now target a new clientele:

  • Couples looking for freedom and intimacy for a short time.
  • Executives in between business meetings.
  • Dynamic travelers who want to rest between two plane rides.
  • Fashion companies or production companies wishing to do shootings or interviews.

How does it work ?

If you’re an hotel you can directly contact Dayuse to create a tailor-made offer for your hotel. In this way, you choose the number and type of rooms available as well as the adapted schedules according to your cleaning teams. Thus, Dayuse immediately markets your rooms to an international clientele.

The customer will pay for his room directly to your hotel. You collect the total amount and you will receive a monthly invoice Dayuse, which charges a commission.

Discover Dayuse


additional to be won

Daytime booking rates are up to 70% lower than nightly rates, but your hotel will benefit from the visibility offered on the site and a much higher occupancy rate than before. Users of the platform receive up to 10 to 15% additional revenue. You will also benefit from a 360° communication from Dayuse : advertising, digital campaigns and extensive media coverage. Not to mention that the implementation of  Dayuse is free.