Useful numbers: in case of a problem

We do not wish it to you, but there can always be a problem during a rental. A water leak, a power cut, a health problem… If you don’t know the right numbers to call, things can quickly get out of hand. Of course, there is always the internet to help us but it will be much faster with our module. You’ll have put in numbers you can trust and that’s invaluable.

1. The useful numbers module

With this module, you can list all important numbers: plumber, garage, hospital, doctor… To make life easier for your guests and to ensure their safety.

They will always have these numbers at hand and will be able to deal with all possible situations.

2. Why you need it ? 

Attaching the numbers on the fridge is good, but having them with you, all the time, is more secure. Indeed, the sheet can slip, get damaged, get lost and above all, you don’t always take it with you.

So imagine the scene, your guests are walking around and one of them gets seriously injured, who to call but you? Give them all the means possible to go to the hospital quickly. Another example, your guests don’t speak your language, give them the possibility to call people who know their own language and can help them. Kim, had shared with us her really bad experience in this conditions.

With our welcome booklet, your guests will have all the numbers with them at all times. One less worry for you and one more security for them.