Telecommuting is a thing of the past, now it’s all about teletravel. But what exactly is it and what’s the difference? We explain it all!

1. What is teleworking?

The definition of telework is simple: it’s teleworking away from home, in France or abroad. Put simply, you don’t have to be on vacation to travel!

Its other name? Workation, almost a little more meaningful! This concept, which isn’ t exactly new, has been revived by the health crisis. Many people have decided to combine work with a vacation, thanks to recurrent confinements and telecommuting. At the same time, in such an uncertain context, we confess, we did the same and went to work in Guadeloupe!

Witness the rise of teleworking? The decision by the Airbnb platform to indicate the wifi speed in rental ads!

The Hyatt Group, for example, has launched the “ Work From Hyatt ” extended-stay package in 90 hotels in America and the Caribbean. The group explains “We’re looking at the ‘work from anywhere’ trend and think it resonates with today’s travelers. People are looking for more than just weekend getaways, and our extended-stay package allows customers to enjoy the high-end amenities and services of our resorts, all with the added benefit of being able to continue working and learning from a distance.”

2. The pros and cons of teleworking?

Teleworking has many advantages:

  • A real break with everyday life and routine
  • You’re often more motivated, work harder and enjoy more.
  • You’re more relaxed because you’re in an environment more conducive to relaxation.

For companies, it’s also interesting because it allows them to relocate offices and pay less rent. Some companies are very much in favor, while others still have difficulty accepting telecommuting.

Be careful, however, as there can be many problems:

  • Jet lag if you’re going abroad
  • Your superiors, who may check your presence a little more closely
  • Not being able to pick up and enjoy the place for a while
  • Conversely, being obsessed with your location and not working hard enough

In our opinion, telecommuting requires a great deal of mental strength to be able to concentrate despite what’s going on around you. Before testing, make sure you’re not going somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going, unless you can follow it up with a real vacation!

So, are you tempted by teleworking? Have you done it before? We look forward to hearing from you!

And if you’re short of ideas for your next choice of destination, we suggest you (re-)discover Corsica !