StyQR is a digital welcome booklet that will change your life and that of your customers. Thanks to him, you’ll be more relaxed, more at ease with your rental. Your customers will feel valued with a state-of-the-art tool, and free to manage everything themselves.

1. It makes life easier for travellers

With StyQR, you choose what information you want to give your travelers:

  • Front door code
  • Location of sheets, towels, hair dryer
  • Water heater instructions, heating…

Your customers will have all the information they need in just a few clicks, without having to bother you all the time!

2. It supports local trade

This is no joke! With the “
around you
“module, you can help your travelers discover all the local addresses.

Here, too, you’re free to list any good addresses you may have:

  • Typical restaurants
  • Souvenir stores
  • Viewpoints
  • Hiking
  • Beach

You can even negotiate discounts with retailers! For example, if a tourist comes to lunch thanks to you, they’ll get 20% off the bill! It’s always a nice little extra and a great way to support your local merchants!

3. StyQR will always be within your customers' reach

Our main advantage? StyQR fits in every pocket! How is this possible? Because your customers will always have it on their mobile! No need for a 15-page manual that has to be changed on every visit.

You save time and paper by using our digital booklet. It may take a little thought at first to make sure you don’ t forget anything important, but after that you’ll have a much freer mind!

For your customers, it’s an added security: as well as having all the codes they need at their fingertips, they’ll also have your good addresses with them at all times!

4. It underlines your personality

Each guest has his or her own
personalized welcome booklet
that can be modified at any time. You like blue and your house has blue shutters? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything for you, using your photos. So you don’t like blue anymore? We’re changing everything and going orange for the coming season!

This personalization will set you apart from your competitors and immerse your customers even more in your world.

5. StyQR is eagerly awaited

With the health crisis, we avoid touching too many things. If, on top of that, we think that other people have touched the booklet before us, we can quickly become paranoid and not want to put our fingers on it. StyQR reduces the risk of Covid transmission!

Last but not least, since new technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives, an interactive booklet for housing and discovering the region is becoming a must-have!

If you are tempted by theStyQR adventure or would like to ask us a few questions, you can
contact us here