It’s with the brilliant idea of Anastasia Hofmann and Naomi Mackenzie that Kitro helps restore the value of food, so that it’s enjoyed and not wasted.
Because these two young entrepreneurs were both students at the École hôtelière in Lausanne and know all the backstage secrets.
What’s going on? Food is wasted.

And today Kitro uses artificial intelligence to reduce your waste and save your resources!
It’s THE automated solution for collecting and analyzing data on food waste.

The system?

A connected scale simply placed under your garbage cans captures the weight and images of your food waste.

Then, the artificial intelligence analyzes your data to provide you with a dashboard displaying information such as: the amount of consumable and non-consumable food waste you throw away, the day of the month when you waste the most and, of course, the financial cost of this food waste.


Kitro means quality!

With Kitro, you get high-quality, efficient and robust Swiss solutions.
And don’t worry, the tool is resistant to the kitchen environment! What’s more, the dashboard is personalized and interactive – not bad, eh? ?

qualité kitro
système kitro

Sustainable impact first!

Kitro’s priority is you and the environment! Do you believe in long-term solutions that have a positive and, above all, lasting impact on the planet and on you? Because Kitro is!

Raising awareness

Kitro’s vision is to raise awareness and combat food waste! Educating and intensifying dialogue with and between stakeholders is part of their policy.
Thanks to Kitro, all forward-thinkers who want to contribute to the cause benefit from a turnkey solution!

sensibilisation kitro

Benefits for professionals

For general managers

You’ll receive a regular report on your waste performance, enabling you to compare results between your different kitchens and your competitors! ?
And if you add a KPI to your operations, you’ll receive your Kitro label after 1 year of successful waste analysis and reduction! ?

“Thanks to its comprehensive solution, Kitro has enabled us to make specific changes to our breakfast offering, reducing waste and cost.”

Michael VOGT – General Manager, Einstein St. Gallen Gallen

For sustainability and marketing managers

Kitro helps you enhance the brand image you want to share with your customers.

“Kitro provides a very easy-to-use device and dashboard to reduce food waste. We were able to optimize our operations in one of our restaurants with a 34% reduction in plate waste during a 3-month pilot project.”

Dörte BACHMANN – Head of Sustainability, SV Group

For restaurant managers

Kitro gives you a new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to monitor your progress so you can react quickly, align your business objectives and optimize your profit margin on food costs.

“Thanks to Kitro, I was able to carry out a professional and thorough analysis. I look forward to continuing our collaboration.”

Sarah LINDENMANN – Restaurant Manager, Swiss Re Centre of Global Dialogue

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