With a good SEO strategy , your hotel can reach the top positions on a search engine. That’s why it’s a good idea to create your own blog. Your articles will build customer loyalty and encourage them to book directly on your site.

A story

of trust

You’ll win more and more customers by listening to their needs, tastes and problems, and offering them a variety of solutions. And that’s exactly what your blog should be about. So instead of raving about your rooms and services, think about the added value you can bring to travelers.

This narrative and editorial adventure is above all a story of trust that you create between you and your prospects. Choose your most effective sales pitch!

an asset to improve

your referencing

As you can see, blogging enables more responsive and direct communication with customers, which inevitably leads to an improvement in your SEO.

In fact, by publishing an article giving advice to your customers, they can react online. Focus on your content, and you’ll increase your visibility, the number of visitors to your site, and the number of interested prospects.


the notoriety of your domain

By defining a coherent editorial line, you’ll get inbound links to your blog, which will improve your SEO and increase awareness of your domain.

How to

to proceed ?

  • Write timeless content that will remain relevant beyond its publication date.
  • Target your readers: They could be families, couples or business travelers. The content will differ according to the target audience. This will enable you to adapt it and focus on certain themes.
  • Integrate hyperlinks. For a more streamlined look, your blog posts should link to other sites, places, people you’ve mentioned, or even to your other posts. This is essential to generate traffic to your website with a call to action.
  • Finally, don’t forget to get the word out! Promote yourself on social networks. Take an interest in partnerships or visibility exchanges. Get in touch with influencers who may be willing to advertise your articles.