Henri Trip ?

It’s the story of two friends who are passionate about travel 🚗 and discovery and who want to share their favorites and good plans, all with a free platform to organize your trips. 😁

It makes your life easier and saves you time with simple logistics 😁 Henri Trip is THE partner for French tourism actors who want to engage or strengthen their presence on the web and actively digitise their offers (creation of video content, images, newsletter, interactive maps, instant messaging…).

Henri Trip is above all about exchange, sharing and discovery. 🚀

“Giving a second wind to French tourism by highlighting our regions, being the trusted companion of users in the organisation of their trips and of tourism operators in the development of their digitalisation and their services, such is the vocation of Henri Trip”. Gregory Muratorio and Maxime Lagreze Co-founders.

A valuable partner for travellers

From organisation…

“Henri Trip is a travel planner created by a young and dynamic team.
Shauna, Sales and partnerships.

Accessible from a web browser, it saves you a download! 😏 No more long and complex planning, no more tedious searches on unsuitable sites… Thanks to Henri Trip, you can leave with peace of mind to conquer our sweet France. 🚗 With a travel companion like Henri Trip, you have all the information about the tourist sites and you can benefit from personalized suggestions.

In one click you can book and pay for your tickets! You can then edit a PDF summary of all payments made and more importantly generate a real personalized guidebook and totally free….😉

To sharing…

Henri Trip is much more than a planning platform, it is a community of sharing.”
Marie, Sales and Marketing Department.

Discover atypical, unusual, sometimes unknown or even secret places…🤫 This platform is the exchange between travellers who wish to share their experiences, their good plans and give their opinions. With instant messaging, holidaymakers can get in touch directly with the tourist site and facilitate exchanges.

“The term travel takes on its full meaning when you no longer waste time or money” – Nicolas, Pôle Tech

A committed partner of the tourism industry

“It started as an ambitious project 🚀 and ended up being the real solution to modernise our cultural heritage” Damien, Commercial and Professional Relations.

A true partner…

Henri Trip gives greater visibility to travellers. Thanks to its quality referencing and to the important place occupied by visitors’ sharing and feedback. A beautiful, optimal and tailor-made management perfect for your needs ! 😉

… at the service of tourist sites

Henri Trip supports tourist sites in their digital strategy and offers quick and clear solutions 🤩 always with the same objective: to make the traveller’s life easier in the organisation of his trip, for the tourist site in its digitalisation and in the improvement of its relationship with the visitor. Reservations, ticketing, audio guides, interactive site map, content creation (videos, images…), the platform allows to modulate different tools and to manage them. Henri Trip improves the direct link with the customer and establishes a real relationship of trust through its platform. 😊

“It is a real digital tool, created for tourism professionals and travellers. Henri Trip creates close links between the two entities” – Léonore, Community Manager

Who is Henri Trip ?

“The new generation that reinvents e-tourism” – Guénolé, Motion Design and Communication Department.

“A team united around the same objective” – Dang, Tech Unit

Grégory and Maxime both had the idea for the platform thanks to their love for France and its treasures. 😍

Passionate about travelling, they set off to discover unusual places, beautiful landscapes that France has to offer, and of course, taste the wonders of French gastronomy. 🤤

They realise that the organisation of a trip is paramount and start to imagine the idea of Henri Trip. From there, they create the platform where everyone can organise their trips, share their good plans and discover some. 🔥

Grégory Muratorio

Former law graduate 🎓, then lawyer in sustainable development, he accompanies young entrepreneurs in the creation of their company. In addition, he is a town councillor for the town of Lagardelle-sur-Lèze ! He has a great desire to promote his town, his region and beyond the attractiveness of his country to the French and foreign tourists.

Reviving French tourism by reconciling it with digital technology is what led him to imagine Henri Trip ! 😁

Maxime Lagreze

With 10 years of experience in web application development, Maxime is an engineer by training.

As a travel enthusiast and geek 🤓 he wanted to support tourism operators in their digital transition by creating Henri Trip. For a beautiful organization of their stays, a discovery of the most popular tourist sites as well as the most secret ones and for tourism actors to enhance their offers.

This is why he created Henri Trip.

“Henri Trip is a young and dynamic team with a thirst for ambition and success.”
Pierre, Tech Pole

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