Did you know that asking for a deposit gives lodging professionals a sense of security? ?
Yes, as a host, you are the protector of your small accommodations, among other things, you save them cleaning costs, damage…
Thanks to Swikly, your deposits are simple ?

Forget the cheques!

Since 2010, payments by cheque have become increasingly rare . ?
Bank cards, transfers and other digital payment methods are replacing them.

Simply because of its complex operation, insecure payment guarantee and significant ecological impact ?

Yes, as you know, today more and more retailers and banks are refusing to accept cheques due to unpaid, stolen or bounced cheques

And that’s when the government says stop and makes the decision to reduce payments by cheque. ?

Note that asking for a deposit check creates friction!
Yes, cheques are gradually disappearing in France today ?

Swikly, THE solution for your deposits

With Swikly, you can benefit from a complete, automated bond management service!

In a few words, Swikly replaces the payment of a deposit by check, wire transfer, or cash to secure accommodations through online deposit taking. ?

Do you have any constraints when it comes to traditional practices? Use the swik, the beautiful invention from Swikly! ?
The swik? It’s a banking transaction that secures a rental or reservation with an online deposit.

It is created from a credit card imprint which, of course, must be entered by your customer on a secure form.
What’s more, it can be secured online for a few hours or even several months! All this with secure amounts with no blocking and no debiting, i.e. 0 impact on bank card limits! ?

And to top it all off, Swikly integrates with your management tools and software (BookingSync, Smoobu, Beds24, Inaxel, eSeason, Osmozis, etc.) to automate your bond requests and centralize the management of your business. ?

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